We are pleased to present the PBS FM Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027.

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This is a time of change for PBS: we’ve got our new studios, a new transmission site, new broadcast technology, and a new General Manager. This Strategic Plan seeks to take stock of those changes and to anticipate a future in which we remain a vital, dynamic, and a much-loved part of Melbourne’s cultural landscape.

Our vision to support and amplify a thriving local music scene stretches beyond radio and opens the door to new and creative ways to share music and the stories behind it. By nurturing our existing services and carefully expanding into new ones, we will continue to create opportunities for Australian musicians to have their music heard and introduce audiences to curated music programming that they are unlikely to find anywhere else.

We are very fortunate to have such incredible support in the community, and such a stable foundation to work from. All the work, from thousands of volunteers and staff, over the past 40-something years, has led to this. We’ve got a solid foundation - let’s launch some rockets!

PBS amplifies under-represented music and supports the local music community

• A thriving, diverse music scene, particularly for under-represented music
• Content with integrity and quality
• An engaged and involved music community
• Sustainable operations

Collective and collaborative

Strategic Goals
Goal 1: Enabling great listening and music making
Goal 2: Audiences which are inclusive and representative
Goal 3: Enhancing engagement with our music making and listening communities
Goal 4: Trusted station operations that provide for a sustainable future


You can download the full PBS Strategic Plan here.