Due to COVID-19 we've cancelled our classes in 2020-2021. Check back here for new openings in 2021. More information to come.


Want to become an Announcer?

Since PBS' first official broadcast in December 1979, from the Prince of Wales St Kilda, PBS has become a Melbourne music institution. We are a specialist music radio station, with a vision to nurture, inspire and champion Melbourne's diverse music community. If you feel you'd be a musical fit, or would like to hear PBS progressively expand its sounds and it’s your dream to be an announcer, we encourage you to apply for the PBS announcer course. 

Topics covered include:

1. A background on PBS106.7FM
2. Introduction to radio/writing for radio
3. Radio voice/presentation
4. Interviewing/broadcast law
5. Planning a program/technical skills
6. Programming on PBS106.7FM/using the studio
7. Preparation for making a demo

After completing the course, students should book studio time during PBS106.7FM office hours
(Monday to Friday 10am-6pm) to master their new skills, and create a demo to submit to the Program Manager.

Interested in participating in the course?

Sorry we're not able to take applications at the moment. For now, if you'd like to receive any updates on the PBS announcer course, please email , we'll add your name to our mailing list and send you any updates as they come.