Since PBS' first official broadcast in December 1979, from the Prince of Wales St Kilda, PBS has become a Melbourne music institution thanks to the work and dedication of volunteers. We are a specialist music radio station,  with a vision to nurture, inspire and champion Melbourne's diverse music community. PBS stands for Progressive Broadcasting Service, and is a non-profit cooperative, committed to providing progressive community broadcast.

Run by a small team of staff and a large team of volunteers,  PBS is volunteer-powered. All PBS announcers are volunteers, and we have volunteers board members, trades people, producers, artists, administrators, library support, social media, radio festival, events, magazine contributors and more. 

There's many reasons why people choose to volunteer at PBS. Some see it as a chance to gain valuable skills, undertake work experience or do an internship. Others find it's a place to meet like-minded music-loving people. And some simply like to contribute to their favourite radio station. Volunteers keep PBS going and we’re always happy to welcome new people into the fold!

We will share new volunteer vacancies here (current at 15/3/2024)

Thinking about volunteering at PBS? Do you have ideas about how you could contribute? Please call Mara Williams on 8415 1067 (weekdays 10am to 6pm) or email 


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