Want to volunteer?

PBS is run by a small team of staff and a large team of volunteers. All of our announcers are volunteers! There's many reasons why people choose to volunteer at PBS. Some see it as a chance to gain valuable skills, undertake work experience or do an internship. Others find it's a place to meet like-minded music-loving people. And some simply like to contribute to their favourite radio station. Volunteers keep PBS going and we’re always happy to welcome new people into the fold!

Volunteers come in every week and help out – on reception, in the music library, or in the production or membership departments. We also have volunteers who help out on special occasions such as events, live music week, or during our annual fundraiser: radio festival! Other volunteers contribute gig and album reviews to our website.

Want to volunteer? Do you have ideas about how you could contribute to PBS? Please call Mara Williams on 8415 1067 (weekdays 10am to 6pm) or email 

Click here if you’d like to see what volunteering opportunties are available at PBS.

Drive Live 2017 Melissa Cowan

Want to become an Announcer?

The announcer course is the introductory course for anyone wanting to become a PBS106.7FM announcer. PBS106.7FM is a community radio station devoted to playing specialist and under-represented music, so if it’s your dream to be an announcer consider undertaking the course.

Topics covered include:

1. Background of PBS106.7FM
2. Introduction to Radio/Writing for Radio
3. Radio Voice/Presentation
4. Interviewing/Broadcast Law
5. Planning a Program/Technical Skills
6. Programming on PBS106.7FM/Using the studio
7. Prepare you for making a demo

Please note that computers are used in the studio. We are unable to provide an introduction on how to use a computer, but we can show students how to use the software in studio in order to create a demo.

It is expected that students book studio time during PBS106.7FM office hours (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm) to master their new skills.

We have one class remaining in 2018 from 6:30pm-8:30pm:


Dates for 2019 will be released in October.

Full Fee $330
PBS106.7FM Member $300
Concession $220
PBS106.7FM Member (concession) $200

Want to do the course?

1. Complete the announcer form below, and send it to 
2. Your application will be assessed by PBS106.7FM
3. Once approved, your payment has been processed and you’ll receive a confirmation email to advise that you are confirmed in the class
4. If we are unable to place you in a 2018 course, we can send you brand new application form that includes 2019 dates.

Further enquiries? Email