Wuigada is a project named and developed by Kutcha Edwards and PBS, and means “to sing” in Mutti Mutti.  

Wuigada is a dedicated space on the front page of the PBS 106.7FM website where First Nations musicians can share and celebrate music made by First Nations musicians with PBS audiences. As well as sharing music, Wuigada contributors also curate the content by nominating more First Nations musicians to take part in this project. This as a way of ensuring that curatorial control of Wuigada is collectively self-determined by First Nations musicians. 

“Sometimes When You’re  

Told To Sit Still & Be Quiet, 

You Do It So You Don’t Get Yourself Into More Trouble, 

Well !!  

This Is Another Time You Should Sit Still Be Quiet & Listen, 

But Not Just With Your Ears, 

But With Your Whole Being !!, 

Listen To The Sound !!” 

Kutcha Edwards 


Artwork by Dixon Patten.

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