Mon 9 Sep 2024 to Thu 19 Sep 2024

Expressions of interest for the Australian Art Orchestra's 2024 Creative Music Intensive (CMI) are currently open, and the closing date is fast approaching! Follow the link to submit your application before June 9th.

Thu 25 Jul 2024 to Sun 28 Jul 2024
Program Announced

Yarra City Council’s annual winter music festival Leaps and Bounds returns July 25 to Sunday July 28.

Tue 18 Jun 2024

Melbourne electrogoth legends The Night Terrors return in ethereal mode with their fourth album Hypnotica - Composition For Theremin And Electronic Music Synthesizer. Featuring the haunting theremin melodies of Miles Brown and Sarah Lim's vintage horror synthesisers, The Night Terrors have earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most unique and original musical acts. 

Mon 10 Jun 2024 to Sun 16 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Alibi, the sophomore album by Naarm/Melbourne future soul artist Emma Volard.

Emma has never shied away from being a warrior for inclusivity, and these themes are often at the forefront of their storytelling. Alibi sees Emma stepping confidently into their own sonic world, expanding further on their introspective storytelling and pushing the limits of the future soul sound.


Mon 3 Jun 2024 to Sun 9 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Senseless Acts of Beauty, the highly anticipated debut album by Rowena Wise.

The Naarm/Melbourne based artist is known for creating music ruminating on love, alienation, and self-empowerment. A new zenith, Rowena's songs are full of emotional depth, and by allowing a searing honesty to run throughout, she’s being true to herself and the listener, holding space for all of life’s wonder and mess. Over the album’s 10 tracks, she offers heady ruminations on love, loss, and alienation yet counters them with warmth, courage, and empowerment. 

Mon 27 May 2024 to Sun 2 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Hold Your Horses, the sophomore album by Naarm locals Karate Boogaloo.

Following on from the cult classic Carn The Boogers, Hold Your Horses is a document of Karate Boogaloo’s distinct interpretation of instrumental funk; respectfully building on a legacy of soul music whilst remaining unimpeachably unique and authentic.


Mon 20 May 2024 to Sun 26 May 2024

Check out the list of the top tracks the PBS team are loving this week! They are the releases soundtracking the second week of Radio Festival 2024 while we're busy packing memberships and prize packs!