Mon 19 Feb 2024 to Sun 25 Feb 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Polymorphic, the groundbreaking project from Melbourne based visionary percussionist and composer Maddison Carter.

Drive Live event flyer text
Mon 19 Feb 2024 to Fri 23 Feb 2024

Your 2024 Drive Live line up is here!

Sun 18 Feb 2024

PBS, Northcote Theatre, Good Intent & Close Counters present High Times. 

Join the celebrations for Northcote Rise Festival’s return after 13 years across three spaces on Sunday February 18: Northcote Theatre, Bastings St and High Note. 

Mon 12 Feb 2024 to Sun 18 Feb 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Opelousafried by Melbourne’s swamp-blues powerhouse Opelousas.

Opelousafried showcases an evolution in the interplay between Kerri Simpson’s visceral vocals and  powerfully raw guitar, Anthony “Shorty” Shortte’s hypnotic grooves and swamp-soaked percussion, and
Alison Ferrier’s menacing electric guitar, keening amplified fiddle and sultry vocal tones.

Mon 5 Feb 2024 to Sun 11 Feb 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Birdsnake Begins, the debut EP by groove merchants Birdsnake. 

Crafting a name for themselves as one of the most entrancing acts in the local scene, Birdsnake provide a free-flowing sensory experience that seamlessly combines acid jazz, psychedelic funk and down tempo grooves. The band's immersive live show is a blend of dubbed out rhythms and percussive textures that pull audiences into transcendental, droney realms.


Thu 1 Feb 2024 to Thu 29 Feb 2024

PBS Performer Drive 2024 is on now! Calling all music creators and players, support the station that supports you! Join or renew as a PBS Performer Member this February for your chance to win big. 

Click here to join or renew your membership!

Each Performer Member will have their performer name read out and thanked each week on their show of choice, and receive the new 'Proud PBS Performer Member' sticker to put on gear cases and show off the love and support for the station.

Mon 29 Jan 2024 to Sun 4 Feb 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Little Rope by American rockers Sleater-Kinney.

Little Rope is one of the finest, most delicately layered records in the band’s nearly 30-year career. To call the album flawless feels like an insult to its intent – it careens headfirst into flaw, into brokenness, a meditation on what living in a world of perpetual crisis has done to us, and what we do to the world in return.


Mon 29 Jan 2024 to Sun 3 Mar 2024

Calling all rock music listeners! 'Let There Be Rock' is a research project led by PhD candidate Charlotte Markowitsch which seeks to capture the status of rock in Australian popular culture. 

To do this, an online anonymous survey has been launched, posing questions to the general audience regarding their opinions on rock and where they encounter it in their day to day lives. This survey takes roughly 15 to 30 minutes to complete and is aimed at anyone who listens, or has listened, to rock music.