Screaming Symphony

Progressive metal
Peter and Gary
Thu 10:00pm

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Screaming Symphony

Peter and Gary

Thanks to the support of YOU and PBS, 2017 sees Screaming Symphony since almost 2 decades at PBS-FM.

For those 20 years, Screaming Symphony continues to play Progressive and Power Metal which is heavy metal with clean vocals.

Progressive and Power Metal also takes into account: - Neo-classical - Gothic - Epic/Symphonic - New Wave of British Heavy Metal - Folk - Melodic - Speed

The big name old-school bands of the genres include Helloween (Germany), Dream Theater (USA), Rhapsody (Italy), Queensryche (USA), Sabaton (Sweden), Blind Guardian (Germany), Iced Earth (USA), Nightwish (Finland), Iron Maiden (UK), Powerwolf (Germany), Manowar (USA), Fates Warning (USA), and Judas Priest (UK).

The show's review based format gives us the opportunity to present a balanced, honest overview of an album. If an album is good – we’ll tell you. If it’s bad, you’ll hear that too. When we play a new album we like to play tracks that most closely represent the album rather than tracks 1, 2, 3, or the title track.

We love playing the big name bands but it’s the smaller, independent bands that help push the genre forward. If you know of bands we haven’t played before then get on to us about it.

Australian content is high on our agenda. We have many talented local bands out there that deserve your attention.

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Mailing Address Screaming Symphony PO Box 988 Reservoir, VIC, 3073 Australia