In response to the current impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), PBS is taking steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of its volunteers, broadcasters and staff. 

The doors to the station are now closed in an effort to reduce foot traffic. A skeleton staff is still here to answer phone calls for the time being so please call the station on 8415 1067 if you have any questions. 

PBS will continue to broadcast and strive to be a respite for its members, listeners and community, doing what we do best: outstanding music programming. Our amazingly talented broadcasters will be here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering the best diverse, under-represented and local music. Tune in via the radio dial or online anytime you need to hear a real voice or sweet tunes.

While the radio continues to hum, PBS is concerned about the health of its wonderful music community, that which surrounds the station and which gives Melbourne its much deserved title of Music Capital of the World. Our industry is incredibly vulnerable right now and the impact is being felt everywhere.

When it comes to job stability, musicians and music workers are most at risk with 62% of the industry working as freelancers and research from Support Act indicates they are five times more likely to struggle with depression and ten times more likely to show symptoms.

If you would like to show your support by making a donation or lobbying your local government, read on. If you have any anything to add, please email Aleisha.


Support Act is a charity by the Australian music industry, for the Australian music industry delivering support, both financially and emotionally. You can make a donation to Support Act here. If you or anyone you know needs support, contact Support Act on their 24/7 support line 1800 959 500.


If you are a musician, promoter, gig venue, sound engineer or any role in the music industry and have lost work, please tell I Lost My Gig Australia how you've been impacted. Run by the Australian Music Industry Network, the Australian Festival Association and industry partners, I Lost My Gig is tallying the impact to the industry with the data to be used to assist in government lobbying and ongoing financial support for those affected.


If you've found yourself without work, join the In Between page here who are regularly sharing employment opportunities.


Many local businesses, like pubs and restaurants, are changing up their models to accommodate social distancing such as focussing on take away and delivery. Jump on your local's social media to see what they're offering - why not start with this list of venues that have recently supported PBS or continue to do so.


Music venues are one of the hardest hit during this time with many  of them shutting down in an effort to reduce the spread of infection. As many of the workers within these venues are casual staff and do not have accrued sick or annual leave, they need support for ongoing income. The Old Bar and The Carringbush Hotel have started a Go Fund Me campaign to help cover wages. You can make a donation to their  staff wages fund here.


Make a donation to Multicultural Arts Victoria who will direct all donations to financially support culturally diverse artists here.


There were 43 Australian artists poised to showcase for SXSW this year, which is an incredible opportunity to have to pass up. If you can, support the artists by buying their music and merch. Sound Australia have kindly curated a list here.


Sign a petition to further encourage the government to provide emergency funds for freelancers here.


And if you love PBS and want to continue to support the station, please become a member or make a donation here.


Support your friends + family, community + neighbours and stay safe out there. Love, the PBS team