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Memberships are the lifeblood of PBS. As a community broadcaster, we rely on our listeners to put their money where their ears are and support the station by becoming members. To show your support join up or renew your membership online today!  

Join during Radio Festival and you’ll go into the draw to win these Daily Prizes and these Major Prizes!  

These are our membership levels, and what they entitle you to: 

Individual Memberships: 

Friend for Life: $1,600 – PBS pack + weekly ‘thank you’ on show of choice**, invites to special PBS events, PLUS a 2021 Radio Festival t-shirt 

Friend for a Decade: $700 – PBS pack + weekly ‘thank you’ on show of choice**, invites to special PBS events, PLUS a 2021 Radio Festival t-shirt 

Patron: $195 – PBS pack + weekly ‘thank you’ on show of choice** ***, PLUS a 2021 Radio Festival t-shirt 

Passionate: $120 – PBS pack PLUS a 2021 Radio Festival t-shirt 

Proud: $85 / $40 (concession) – PBS pack 

PBS Junior (under 12s): $40 – PBS pack 

Performer Membership

Performer: $120 – PBS pack + weekly ‘thank you’ on show of choice 

Business Memberships: 

Platinum Business (10 years): $4400 – PBS pack + weekly ‘thank you’ on show of choice + page on (logo, link, description) + invites to special PBS events 

Business: $600 – PBS pack + weekly ‘thank you’ on show of choice + business name listing on, PLUS a 2021 Radio Festival t-shirt 


PBS Membership Benefits 

PBS is a station about music. We keep you in touch with what is happening in your scene, locally and abroad, with interviews and live performances every week. PBS keeps everyone in the loop and contributes to keeping Melbourne the creative city it is with music at its core. 

Sounds great? Here’s the catch – we need your support to make this all possible! 

Everyone who becomes a PBS Member* receives these great benefits: 

PBS Easey magazine home delivered twice a year 

Special Member entry price to PBS events 

Exclusive member giveaways of tickets, CDs and more throughout the year 

Great music from a great radio station that supports and promotes music and music making 


Plus, everyone who signs up gets a PBS membership pack, which includes: 

A PBS Member Discount Card, which provides discounts to more than 100 businesses and services around town 

An exclusive bumper sticker 

Best of Studio 5 Live: 20 Years of Easey Street compilation download tracks you can’t buy at records stores, and can’t find online.

Or go packless! If you'd prefer to receive nothing in the mail, we're happy to oblige! You'll keep the warm fuzzies of supporting PBS, and feel a little lighter knowing you've said 'no thanks' to potential land fill. 


This year we selected some of the best Studio 5 recordings from the past 20 years at Easey Street.  

THE COMPILATION is a reflection of the vast array of sounds and genres that are broadcast out of Easey Street 24/7.  Whether you have a love for afrobeat, hip hop, psych, garage punk, electronica, soul or jazz – there'll be something for you on this album! 


Bonnie Prince Billy and Friends - ‘Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness’ (2001) 

Frank Yamma - ‘Pitjala Wangkanyi’ (2003) 

Calexico - ‘Across The Wire’ (2003) 

Dirty Three - ‘The Zither Player’ (2004) 

Cosmic Psychos - ‘She's a Lost Cause’ (2005) 

The Ska Vendors - ‘Everyday Joe’ (2005) 

Magic Dirt - ‘White Boy’ (2007) 

The Drones - ‘The Minotaur’ (2008) 

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - ‘That Time of Day’ (2009) 

Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - ‘Mr Clean’ (2011) 

Al Browne Trio - ‘Broncoscopy’ (2011) 

Pretty Things - ‘Buzz the Jerk’ (2012) 

Hiatus Kaiyote - ‘Nakamarra’ (2012) 

Emma Donovan and the Putbacks - ‘My Goodness’ (2014) 

Courtney Barnett - ‘Avant Gardener’ (2014) 

Ben Frost - ‘No Sorrowing’ (2015) 

Sampa the Great - ‘F E M A L E’ (2016) 

Teskey Brothers - ‘Crying Shame’ (2017) 

Turner Brown Band - ‘Praise His Name’ (2018) 

Deline Briscoe - ‘Heartbeat’ (2020) 


For questions about membership:  

We aren’t able to have a phone room this year, so the best way to renew your membership is online here(link is external). If you are having trouble renewing online, or would like to discuss other payment options, you can email  (link sends e-mail)  or try calling (03) 8415 1067 between 10am-6pm Monday to Friday, and we will do our best to answer your call.   

* Membership is not refundable. 
** On some programs with a large patronage, the thank you will be fortnightly (to even the load and keep the music flowing). 
*** Patron Memberships are for individuals only. 


Really show your support for PBS by adding a tax-deductible donation 

The PBS move to Collingwood Yards is taking shape. 

We’ve taken possession of the empty shell, have appointed a builder and we are working on turning it into our new studios, but we really need your help.  

Building a new radio station from scratch is expensive and will cost us in excess of $2 million and every dollar donated to PBS helps us fit out new studios, supports this massive move and benefits music lovers everywhere. 

We've managed to raise around 60% of the funds so far through support from listeners and members, as well as from the Victorian Government (through the Community Support Fund), the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Creative Partnerships Australia via Plus 1, and The Community Broadcasting Foundation. 

You can get behind PBS by making a tax-deductible donation to our Make It Home appeal by clicking here.  Every donation will help, and below are some suggested levels of support. 

$25,000 and above - Sky's the Limit* 

$25,000 - Raising the Roof* 

$10,000 - Higher Ground* 

$5,000 - Build Me Up* 

$1,067 - Good Vibrations* 

$500 - Brick by Brick 

$250 - Foundation 

$2 to $249 - Basement Jams 

* You'll be acknowledged on a plaque in our new home! 

All donations over $2 to the station are tax deductible – so if you're already a member, that's extra incentive to donate and help minimise your bill at tax time. 

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