There is no doubt it's a crazy time at the moment. Everyone is learning how to adapt and change, quite often quicker than we would like. PBS knows that things have changed for businesses too. Some businesses have had to change dramatically to keep going and are now working hard to get their new messaging out to the public.


PBS has had to change too. We are working remotely and we're doing our best to support our community through these times. So many people are listening to us from their homes; more than ever before. We've become even more important as a respite for our listeners, keeping people company, and keeping spirits up. 


We're no longer able to share information about festivals, gigs or other events, but there is some good news too. We can still promote businesses and organisations that are operating, and we'd love to have more of our community on air. The bottom line is, we are adapting and we need sponsors on air.

We know that there are businesses out there that will benefit greatly from taking out sponsorship campaigns on air, and you'll be helping keep PBS on air too. Contact our Sponsorship and Promotions department to run through all your options, including prices and available packages.


All the info you need is here.