With an incredibly heavy heart we share some devastating PBS news. After a prolonged illness our longest-serving announcer, David Heard, passed away surrounded by loved ones on Sunday night, 12 September.   

David’s generosity and humility touched everyone, and his contribution to Melbourne’s music scene and our community broadcasting sector cannot be understated. David was PBS’ longest serving broadcaster, last year celebrating 40 years of Acid Country on-air here at the station. Everyone loved Heardy. He was a man of great warmth and cheeky good humour, and even when facing such serious illness made a point of asking how everybody else was doing.     

As a founding volunteer David always went above and beyond for his beloved PBS. On top of his on-air volunteering Heardy also contributed countless hours as a Board member, programming committee member, was a part of the outside broadcast committee and even took minutes at important station meetings. 

Above all else Heardy loved music and over a 40 year period nobody did more to support, promote and encourage musicians in the alt-country and roots realm. David gave space to musicians on Acid Country every week of every year and took every opportunity to champion the Melbourne music scene. 


On Thursday 16 September at 3pm we re-broadcast his special 40th anniversary episode of Acid Country – the last program Heardy presented live-to-air from his ‘home’ here at PBS’ Easey St studios. And on Saturday morning 18 September on 5ft High and Rising, Myles O’Neil Shaw paid tribute to David.  

"David leaves a huge legacy at PBS. It’s almost impossible to adequately describe the feelings of great loss we are all feeling. I’ve decided that the best way to pay tribute to David and honour his memory is to dedicate the show to him and present it in the manner I know he would have enjoyed. I’ll play some songs inspired by listening to Acid Country over the years and by doing what he did so well - playing some new tunes by both local and overseas artists. I’ll be encouraging listeners to text in some memories and thoughts about David and together we can try to come to terms with his loss.

Despite his public profile David was a very private man. I’m sure he’d be annoyed by all the fuss. But the outpouring of love for David has been incredibly moving. Tributes have poured in from everywhere. From musicians, community radio, the live music scene and of course, the listeners. I’m sure he'd have known that inevitably there would be a fuss. Sadly we can’t celebrate David yet in the appropriate manner due to lockdown, but when we can, look out! What a wonderful celebration that will be." - Myles O’Neil Shaw, 5ft High and Rising

A private memorial service with immediate family and friends will be held under COVID guidelines. 

We love you Heardy and will miss you dearly. 

PBS has been inundated with messages of love, support and tributes for David. If you'd like to share yours with the PBS community, we welcome you to add it here. 

Remembering David Heard

Acid Country Archive

Announcer Spotlight




"Great show, fantastic presenter, loved listening each week, vale David Heard" - GF Mags


"David was a wonderful soul, always warm and friendly, always ready to support local musicians. He will be sadly missed" - Kerri Simpson


"Vale David Heard. It is hard to imagine community radio and Melbourne's lots music scene without him in the thick of it. He introduced us to so much great music, supported so many wonderful local artists, always so selflessly. We will miss him enormously" - Richard Home


"David thank you for all the happy times. A true friend sadly missed by us all" - Lupton family


"Ah Heardy. I reckon I am a newcomer to PBS and all there is to love, but what an incredible passionate presenter. Heardy, you have given me so much enjoyment for the short time I have "known" you. Rest easy mate. The mic is now passed on. Thank you again" - Pete


"Every now and then one meets a person that has a profound effect on you from the moment you meet them. You find yourself hoping to get to know them better and wishing you had more of these kind of people in your life. Dave was one of those rare individuals. Alas I never got to know him as well as I wanted, but the few encounters I had with him always left me thinking of him for days afterwards, hoping that our paths would cross again soon. Dave thank you for your support, encouragement, grace and generosity. RIP – Slainte” - Gallie


"The world has lost a great one with the passing of David Heard. Acid Country was the reason I fell in love with PBS and discovered all the wonderful fruits that flourish from its limbs. His joy and humility will never be lost to those who had the fortune of tuning in" - Matt Sheedy


"Since I emigrated from the UK in 1985 PBS has been a big part of my life for its wide variety of shows. A few years ago I became a Friend For Life of Acid Country though it was hard to choose a favourite show - Blue Juice, What The Folk, 5 Feet High and Rising, Roots of Rhythm, Malt Shop Hop, Soul Time .... the list goes on. So it was sad when Pierre Baroni died and a further blow to lose the wonderful David Heard. My best wishes go out to his family and all the PBS family. He will be greatly missed" - Brian Glass


"Acid Country so quintessentially a Melbourne institution. David's passing has brought out all the love for this great city and the way he brought parallel worlds into it. So modest and a gentleman. this one hurts" - Simone Casey


"Acid Country was the first show that moved me to the dial of PBS almost 20 years ago and did so much for the artists, the venues and especially the listeners. Thanks and farewell Dave, we will miss you" - Scottie 


"Thank you David for opening so many listening doors for me and helping me find my sound, in part due to listening to Acid Country- gritty, twangy, dirty, clean, all bundled together with a certain flair. Thank you for supporting my music and the local scene. You will be sorely missed" - Sophie Klein, Little Wise


"Since school days till now David is like a brother I will never forget. Thanks David for such a lovely friendship forever" - Robert Stephen


"David you will dearly missed! You have been a great friend over the years! You always made us laugh and enjoyed your company!" - Monica and Bruce Nowak


"Have loved and will miss such a great man and program..You sure did make a well-rounded outcast out of me Heardy. May you rest peace" - Alex James


"Vale the great David Heard. One of the best people you would ever find and a peerless broadcaster. Anyone who spent any time with him was better off for it and we were all so blessed to have him on air for so long. RIP mate. See you at the big bar in the sky someday for a beer (or 10)" - Garry Seven


"Just heard of his passing. Am devastated as I’m sure all of PBS is and many in the music world. He was a wonderful gentleman loved by many. He will be sorely missed. It's horrible that we cannot get together to commiserate his loss and celebrate his life. Love to all" - Maxine 


"David Heard: The reason I became a 'Member-for-life' of Acid Country" - Western Bulldogs Russ


"David, I was so hoping to see you broadcast from PBS's new studios in coming weeks. A good friend. R.I.P." -  Bill Runting


"Vale David Heard, one of the kindest, most gentle humans I’ve ever met. Every time I saw you, either at the Labour in Vain, at Boogie, or at some other gig around Fitzroy you always warmly greeted me with a big smile and genuine interest in my life and my music. Yet this is how you were with everyone. Always. Amazing. Such a wonderful soul and generous, kind, heart. Thank you for your generous, enormous commitment to local music and musicians. You were the first to play our (The Drunken Poachers) music on radio and to invite us in for an interview and to play live, an exciting experience we’ll never forget and will always be grateful for. Oh what an unfathomable loss to Melbourne’s music community. Sending love to your nearest and dearest. I shall be turning in at 3PM on  PBS 106.7FM Melbourne for your last in studio Acid Country ❤" - Maree Fewster


"Thanks for all the great music Dave. You were the best. We're all going to miss you" - Tom Sianidis


"One of the finest people to grace the PBS airwaves. I am proud to have been friends with David. RIP" - Rodney Shah


"David Heard was kind, humble and generous. As PBS Music and Interviews Manager for 7 years I worked with David and was always in awe of his music knowledge and his commitment to creating space for local artists on his program. He was always incredibly polite and respectful and I had all the time in the world for him. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him. Much love David Heard x"- Chelsea Wilson


"David Heard and I worked closely together on many Studio 5 sessions, Outside Broadcasts and other high intensity broadcast environments. David ALWAYS picked great talent to showcase, and great people. So no matter what else might be going on, it was always a pleasure to work with him. Regardless of the chaos happening around him, he was always calm in the eye of the storm. I think that’s where he loved to be, at the centre of things but unruffled by events unfurling around him. Vale David Heard, you were a true gentleman with your eyes squarely on the prize. The music. I’ll miss you dearly" - Paul Maybury, PBS Production Manager


"Acid Country has always been a big part of our week.The Intro never failed to put a grin on our faces. Thank you David!"  - Allan Stephenson


"Sad to hear Dave has gone. I was always taken back by how welcoming, calm and professional he was in front of the mic. Big loss" - Shaun Feeley


"So sorry to hear. My sincere condolences to friends and family. Just a wonderful presenter. Introduced me to fantastic music" - David Price


"Listened to Dave for 30 years will be sadly missed RIP" - Adam Hatzis


"Saddened by the news. I so enjoyed listening to Acid Country, Thursday avro's wont be the same! You turned me on too many great artist and their music. Thank you David. RIP" - Carol Milne


"Dearest David, my best friend, Thursdays will never be the same. Thank you for all the wonderful music you shared with me over the years, all the gigs, and festivals. All the wonderful times at your house listening to the latest CDs to come and choosing our faves. Will miss you forever and Acid Country and hearing your 'radio' voice. Wherever you are may you be at peace and in a studio somewhere or listening to great music. Love you Kim" - Kris Hithgoda


"I always loved having chats with David in the kitchen at PBS, you could tell he lived and breathed music, I'll miss his show" - Con Kalamaras


"Oh no! so sad to hear this, A great loss to the country scene & will be missed greatly. Many memories over the years" - Rosemary Wellsted


"I first met David as a volunteer at PBS, we used to walk home together from PBS during radio festival, I fully endorse the sentiment" - Ken Lee


"I am so shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Dave. A terribly sad time for the PBS family. Will miss you Heardy" - Di Crowther


"Such a lovely person and an amazing broadcaster! Kind, knowledgeable and patient. His voice and music will stay with us" - Sam


"THANK YOU for bringing the craziest country tunes to my ears, your show hit DIFFERENT. You made country music accessible! RIP" - Charlie


"Goodbye my friend. PBS will never be the same again without you" - Naomi Macleod


"So utterly shattered to hear of Dave's passing. A true champion of community radio and country music. He will be sorely missed" - Tony Proudfoot


"David, Thursday afternoons will never be the same again. You will be so sadly missed. I was so looking forward to your return" - Mary-Lou Feder


"Though I have never met David, I know that I have lost a dear friend. Thank you for all the beautiful music, Rest In Peace" - Andre Duyker


"Rest in country music bliss my good friend. I will miss you a lot. Lots of love to all at PBS" - Denise Twang RRR xx


"Thank you thank you thank you, David ... thank you" - Paul


"David was a great friend to me when I didn't have many. Love you always mate. We're gonna miss you. xx" - Jules Sheldon


"Such a huge supporter of country music and Australian country musicians, particularly up and coming. Thinking of you all" - Ruby McGrath-Lester


"Simply devastated. Sympathy to his family and friends and the broader PBS community. I loved Acid Country so much. Sad times" - James


"We have lost an amazing and dedicated member of Melbourne’s community radio family. Acid Country - a fine, fine country it was" - Nicole TadPole


"So long working in a musical community and having positive contributions a testament to David's character and dedication. VALE" - Clare


"We give our love and prayers to family and friends, from all of us at Yarra Valley FM 99.1" - Greg Carrick, Station Manager


"So saddened to hear of David’s passing. He introduced me to the amazing spectrum of Acid Country-its fun, pathos and joy" - Jenny B


"Look up 'quintessential community broadcaster': there's a pic of David Heard. He knew what those words really meant" - Jonathan Alley


"Dave supported all my musical adventures from day one, I have such deep gratitude to him for that. What a lovely man he was" - Alison Ferrier


"Thank you for the support on our musical journey may our love and gratitude carry you onwards on your journey! RIP David. xx" - The Pheasantry


"Thank you for the many years of support you blessed us with on the musical journey! May our love support you" - Roderick Boothroyd


"David so sad to hear your passing. Days of yore at the Tramways talking music & life in a cloud of Gitanes smoke! Travel well!" - John Lambert


"Thank you David. Generous, kind, wise and warm - you have helped countless artists share their sound. Vale" - Annie Johnsson


"I met David in the early 80s - he was so generous & unpretentious, just happy sharing music to make the world a better place" - Pauline


"You’ve left an imprint on the hearts and careers, of so many Australian country artists. Long may you run..." - Tracy McNeil


"Whether working in the garden, or going for a stroll, these times were so much more enjoyable with David's voice and tunes" - Greg Van Meeuwen


"As a founding member, it was clear his passion was to indeed make PBS the Home of little Heard music. RIP" - Tony


"Thank you for sharing your passion and enriching our lives in the process. Condolences to all the staff and presenters at PBS" - James Foster


"Thanks for everything Heardy - you will be missed" - Daniel Spiers


"Heartbroken. One of the nicest, kindest, most generous and supportive souls to grace Fitzroy. Vale ❤" - Neddwellyn Jones


"R.I.P. David - thanks for the long service. Hugs to the PBS family. Fab Eclectic show enjoyed by my household" - Miriam


"There will a massive hole in Melbourne's music and community radio scene with the passing of David" - Mark Ireland


"I’m shattered. Thank you for being you. Absolutely irreplaceable" - Marnie Brennan


"Saddened by the news of the passing of David Heard. Thoughts are with the PBS family losing another longtime presenter this year" - Jude McAllister


"VALE Heardy. Always loved the opening of your show each week. Sympathies to all connections" - Alvin Nichols


"Very sorry to hear of the loss of David. Acid Country introduced me to the eclectic world of alt-country" - George


"Vale the kind and generous soul of David Heard. We are eternally grateful for his passion, knowledge, encouragement and dedication" - The Weeping Willows


"Really sad to hear this. Thank you David for bringing Acid Country into my life. Much love" - Patrick Keyzer


"I feel my sons were a little like your signature song.. we would always sing along on our way home from school on Thursdays.. ma" - Angie Boyer


"The saddest news. Farewell mate. RIP" - "Dr" John Wornham (Blue Juice)


"David, you opened the eyes of a couple of punk rockers to a wider world of music. You are loved and missed" -Rinny and Tales


"A true gent. Rest in peace" - David Glyn Davies


"Absolutely shocked to receive this news. Sincere condolences to his family. I loved listening to Acid Country with David" - John Milhuisen


"Thanks for opening my ears to a whole new rodeo of musicians. Vale David Heard indeed" - Scott


"David's friendship has been a precious constant throughout my 40 year PBS experience. We'll miss him dearly" - Garry Havrillay


"Thank you David - for a lifetime of passion to music and love for community" - Olivia Allen


"R.I.P." - Stephen Troisi


"David, you were kind enough to have me on your show a couple of times over the years. Always really enjoyed our chats. RIP" - Thomas Hugh


"A great loss to the Melbourne music community. Thoroughly enjoyed his excellence in hosting Acid Country. RIP David" - Andris Niedra 


"Dave was a most friendly, warm and humble man. A wonderful friend and neighbour. His generous spirit will be missed. Vale Dave" - Paul Maguire


"The end of an era. I'll miss listening to David's gentle tone as he talked about the music he loved over the decades" - Pip Mackey


"A gentleman who contributed big time to the Melbourne music scene" - Roy


"You'll be missed, Heardy. He was such a great supporter of our music and indeed all music under his banner of 'acid country'" - Chris Pickering


"A true legend. Loved every time I saw you at the Standard or the Labour and had a yarn over a pint!" - Dave Jukes


"A sad time for all who listened, loved and knew David Heard. Feelings go out to all at PBS and his many devoted fans" - Norm and Isobel Hudson


"May the four winds blow you safely home. Always a pleasure to listen to and an inspiration for all community radio volunteers" - IceCreamKid


"We conversed about music, specifically Country of course, we enjoyed his presence at many of our shows"  - Tyron, Leo & Felix, The Rechords


"So very sad to hear of the passing of fellow Cats and Steve Young fan, David Heard" - Ian Bennett


"Sad news to hear of David's passing. Thursday afternoons will never be the same" - Kel O'Brien


"RIP Dave, condolences to his family and friends, PBS and to anyone who knew this absolute gentleman and legend of the airwaves" - Glenn Bates


"As a long-time listener and member of PBS (and RRR) it is a very sad day to hear of David’s passing. Country and western was the one of the last genres of music I “got into”. I did have a bit of this and that type of country music, but David presented many new artists and variations of the genre that I began to appreciate the wide variety of music that is C&W. Thank you David R.I.P" - Stephen Adams


"Such sad news. David touched so many, strangers like me, who shifted their day at 3pm Thursday’s to be near the radio. Vale DH" - Dugald Jellie


"David was a true gentleman, he always had time for a chat. We loved ACID country" - Judy and Peter


"Thank you David for all the listening pleasure you’ve given me over the years. RIP" - Jason Colville


"A beautiful music man thank you for your sound and you are always here with the music. Love to David’s friends & family x" - J&BCat


"One of our finest broadcasters, and a staunch supporter of local music. Dearly missed" - Matt Frederick


"Such sad news. Lost another great voice on PBS. Loved seeing David's cool face at gigs. True legend. Acid Country in the sky" - Steph B


"Bless you David. Thank you" - Dave Perl


"RIP David thank you for so many hours of great country music & awaking me to many little known country artists" - Ian Filby


"What a Shock, such a Stock Standard part of the world we live in. He turned me into a great fan of his own sophisticated brand" - Ross Newton


"Thanks for all the great music, educated me with such a vast selection of artists. You will be missed. Brendan" - Brendan Thornton


"He opened my ears to true country music and changed how and what I listen to forever. He will be sadly missed" - Muzz


"David gave so much to the Melbourne Music community, and in particular 'roots' musicians.... so passionately. RIP dear friend" - Suzanne & Rod, The Basement Discs


"Rest in Peace David. Loved tuning in to your show. Will miss you for sure" - Sean Jones


"My absolute fave opening to the many shows I love on PBS is David's Acid Country, what a beautiful show, a beautiful bloke" - Joy Dahl


"Very sad news today. Dave was a lovely bloke, easy-going and generous, he will be sorely missed" - Pete


"While I was never a country music fan David showed how it was a great genre when played by talented musicians" -  Mark Karklins


"For over 10 years that I’ve been at PBS there was one thing always to count on and that's David Heard on a Thursday. He really never missed a show and he had the waiting room and kitchen full of guests tuning their guitars for a play on air or having a pre-chat with David before their interview. He leaves a huge legacy of support and passion for music. He was a truly lovely man" - Sarah B


"An iconic Melbourne program by an iconic presenter" - Pete Campbell


"Love to all at PBS and Dave’s family. Loved that program, his distinctive voice, supported new talent and promoted gigs. ❤" - Merrilee Cox


"Thanks for everything you gave us Heardy. Changed our lives for the better. We will miss you" - Nathan Pace


"David was everything you wanted in a broadcaster: knowledgable, passionate, committed and warm" - Geoff King


"RIP David! I never did get to meet you but I listened to your show religiously. Acid Country is such an iconic Melbourne show" - Tex Moon


"R.I.P. David. Grateful for you introducing me to great music and artists" - John Pryor


"Such sad news. You bought a warm glow to so many lives, you’ll be greatly missed. RIP" - Dan H


"Going to miss seeing you at gigs and at the station, always with a mischievous smile. One of the most genuine people I've ever met <3" - Alicia


"The gigs were always better when Dave was there. Thanks for your friendship, kindness and support Dave" - Jack Coleman


"Whether at work, riding my bike, or at home, Thursday afternoons were always better listening to David Heard on 3PBS" - Peter M


"Thank you for the stories and laughter at our local in Collingwood" - Kiriaki Hamilton


"Vale, Heardy. I will really miss hearing you and the tunes you played. Thursday arvos won’t be the same. Condolences xxxx" - Tom Smith


"What a legend. Loved all your in-studio live slots that were so warm and raw. We will all miss listening to your great show" - Jim


"Thanks for all the music" - Daniel O’Meara


"A top bloke whether behind the mic or in the pub with a beer in his hand. A huge loss to Melbourne, music and community radio" - Ian Bland


"Thanks for introducing me to real music, most unpretentious man I ever met Rest In Peace Dave" - John


"A very warm and infectiously spirited human has left our beautiful community. Grateful to have experienced the man, the music" - Didge Gordo and Bree the Beautiful Beetle


"1st Pierre and now David, heaven is claiming all the greats, what a year!" - Dermot McKane


"Happy trails. It was not a country gig in Melbourne without David heard in the room and visiting artists would always be on his show" - Tim Chuma


"So sad, we were all so lucky to have those Thursday afternoons and to catch up with Heardy at gigs" - David Fyffe


"Dear David you will be sadly missed. love + best wishes to family and friends" - Jan Chandler


"Thanks for the tunes David! Cheers & appreciation for Acid Country, we're all the better for hearing it!" - Dave Olden Grey


"A warm hearted and all-round great guy who gave passionately to under-represented music. Rest in peace Dave" - Andrew Gorwell


"Through his love of music, David Heard made Melbourne a much better place. He was a true champion" - Les Thomas


"Can not express enough the impact this wonderful, warm and generous man has had on our lives.. be easy" -  J & B


"Humble guy, loved putting in his footy tips at the Railway, at the bar introducing himself as 'Dave, I have a radio show on PBS'" - Sean Farrell


"RIP David. What an immense loss to the Melbourne music scene. I loved and learnt something new in every show. Thank you" - Jon Canna


"I've been listening to David for years and have always enjoyed his program, I'm saddened for his family and the PBS community" - Jo Adams


"HILLBILLY, COWBOY, PUNK, thanks David" - Andrew Price


“Always smooth, generous & inclusive.  David you will be missed! As all hillbillies (when they die) may you be well reinTarnated. Xo” -  Marcos Davidson


"David was an absolute gentleman, very kind and very knowledgeable. It'd be nice to see Acid Country continue, big shoes to fill!" - Peter Burns


"RIP David. A true gentleman who was always keen to promote local artists. He will be missed greatly by the PBS community" - Ernie


"My love of country started with you. Say no more" - Paul Moneta 


"David, you opened the eyes of a couple of punk rockers to a wider world of music. You are loved and missed" -Rinny and Tales.


"One of the greatest radio announcers this country ever produced. A wonderful man whose legacy will live on for many years" - Michael Minutoli


"Thank you for your support David, going to be strange not seeing you at the Labour again for a Sunday arvo gig, happy trails" - Jeb Cardwell


“Such a lovely man. Some serious fun was had at your Live to Air shows as part of the Leaps and Bounds Festival” - Mark & Mary


"Listening to the 40th anniversary show on today’s ‘Acid Country’ was so beautiful. Tears, smiles and laughter. Vale" - Mark Doherty


"The last news I heard of Dave was from across the bar at The Labour in Vain, one of his favourite haunts. So let’s remember that Dave loved the pubs as much as the music and beer that poured out of them. Long may he continue to haunt those favoured boozers, that way we'll know where to find him! And as a memory what better than Dave in his PBS shirt, shorts and boots sitting in a fold-up chair in the gardens of The Pink Flamingo, Golden Plains, Meredith. Whilst we chatted under the hot sun listening to the band on stage, Dave had a stream of PBS girls checking up on him, he was obviously much loved and cared for, onya girls you sure made him feel that love, x" - C Dave


"Vale David Heard, a classic show presented by a classic human being, thank you" - Rod MacG


“David Heard had an unparalleled ability to select the saddest, bitter-sweet tunes, that’d go straight to the heart. That was the ‘acid’ of Acid Country. As a broadcaster, he set the best example for others to follow – a real fan, catching live music at every opportunity, supporting artists on-air with interviews, airplay, gig guides and in-studio performances. It’s likely he is the announcer who broadcast the most live performances ever in PBS history. How lucky we were that he shared it with us all.  When I finally met David in person, I adored him: His cheeky sense of humour, wit, charm, warmth, and special sharer and keeper of all Fitzroy’s secrets. I was a beneficiary of his generosity: on many occasions, he’d offered me a seat at the bar, introduced me to his cat, friends, and acquaintances. Once we were sitting at a bar, and unintentionally he greeted everyone through the door – yes! He knew them all by first name.   He had friends everywhere he went, but he mainly went to Fitzroy and its bordering suburbs, even earning Yarra Citizen of the Year in 2014. He deserved it. He deserves all the good things people are saying. RIP David Heard and thank you for all the wonderful times and memories” - Mara W


"Acid Country was such an institution and David presented it with unsurpassed elan. You are sorely missed, David" - Red Ceglowski


"Heardy was such a wonderful presenter of music, a great supporter of local artists, welcoming at live gigs. Vale Dave" - Peter Brown


"What a great show and a great announcer - he will be missed." - Alex P from Montreal 


"A gentleman, warm, generous and sweet with a mischievous humour. Rest easy, the whole music community loves you" - Steve Hoy