Pianist and composer, Sinj Clarke, has been quietly building a reputation for his laconic style of composition that is reminiscent of late seventies Italian film scores and sun-drenched exotica. Sinj Clarke’s debut EP Music For An Italian Afternoon showcased his bold orchestration and auteur's attention to detail, which he followed up with double single, 'I Fell In Love, Again' / 'Unas Horas'.

Sinj Clarke recently released his sophomore album The Height of Love, which is this week’s PBS Feature Album. The Height of Love expresses Sinj’s keen focus on interpersonal experiences and emotions, which are the drive behind his compositional practice.

Tune in all this week to hear tracks from The Height Of Love, and PBS Members have the chance to win a copy of the album on vinyl via emailing  '; // --> before midnight Sunday July 16. Not a PBS Member? Join now!

Click here to watch Sinj Clarke performing on The Breakfast Spread for Studio 5 Live a few weeks ago.


Songs For Freedom - 'Little Town Big Heart feat. Fred Ryan'

Songs For Freedom - Little Town Big Heart (Feat Fred Ryan)


Pigeon - 'Mama Yo Mama Yo

Illegal Crowns - 'Crooked Frame'

Maara - 'It's No Secret'

Imogen Cygler - 'Optometrist'

Workhorse - 'Desert'

Sweeping Promises - 'Walk in Place'

Quality Used Cars - 'Since The World's Been Turning Upside Down'

Numidia - 'No Friends But The Mountains'

Glitoris - 'Sock Puppet'