This week’s PBS Feature Album is This But More by Priori.

Francis Latreille's evolution as Priori seems deeply intertwined with a commitment to exploring new sonic territories and collaborative endeavors. This But More appears poised to be a significant milestone, blending elements of dubby techno with ambient textures, and drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of sources, including literature, cinema, and the natural world. 



The thematic exploration of healing and the creative process adds a profound layer to the album's narrative. It seems like Priori is not just crafting music but inviting listeners into a reflective journey, where the complexities of life and art intertwine. 

Tune in all this week to hear tracks from This But More and PBS Members have the chance to win a copy of the album for digital download, simply email your name and membership number to   before midnight Sunday June 23. 

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Azu Tiwaline & Forest Drive West - 'Fluids In Motion I'

Gnod - 'Dream On'

Robbie Belchamber - 'Slack Tide'

Velatine - 'Fck You All'



Emma Russack - 'About The Girl'

Dobby - 'Language is in the Land'

DOBBY - Language is in the Land (Official Music Video)


Crumb - 'Side By Side'

Finn Rees - 'Lagoon'

Cassandra Jenkins - 'Petco'

Cassandra Jenkins - Petco (Official Video)


The Omnific - 'Phat Mackerel'