It's hard to believe all the change that is happening around us so quickly at the moment. However after 40 years of broadcasting, it's safe to say PBS intends to do everything it can to be here for the long haul.

When you switch on the radio, PBS is a musical island in a sea of bad news, and we are planning on keeping it that way.

If you are loving listening to PBS, we urge you to become a financial member. We want the music to keep playing, and now we are relying on your support, more than ever before. If you join up, you will have access to discounts around town when the current situation blows over, and you'll be helping the station stay on air now - and for the next 40 years.

If you're wondering how PBS is managing to keep broadcasting at the moment, it's through the dedication of the amazing PBS announcers. At the station, announcers are socially isolated in their studios, with strict hygiene routines before and after they go to air. The front doors are closed to the public, and most of our small team of staff are working remotely. 

There may be slight changes to some programs here and there as PBS works its way through the challenges, though one thing remains true: PBS is community radio that is made for our music loving community, by our music loving community.

You can stream PBS live and listen on demand at, and listen live via PBS Digital and the iHeart Radio app - and of course you can tune in to 106.7FM. And if you'd like to help secure PBS' musical future, please join up and become a member.