This week's PBS Feature Album is the sophomore release from MOD CON titled Modern Condition.

Following on from the release of their widely acclaimed 2018 debut album Modern Convenience, MOD CON are back with a propelling sequel release that clearly documents the evolving creative alchemy of bandmates Erica Dunn, Sara Retallick and Raquel Solier.  

Across the nine tracks MOD CON explore a range of themes including nihilism on first single and album opener ‘Ammo’; ontology on ‘Cool It!; jilted romance on ‘I Saw A Rat’; and greed on ‘Learner in an Alpha’. What the trio offers is a charged interrogation of the times we find ourselves in, something we’ve all likely done over the past 18 months. MOD CON presents society with a stark diagnosis of our current times and a hopeful cure, a voice of optimism amongst threats of collapse. 

Written over a tumultuous two-year period and tracked as close to live as possible, Modern Condition was recorded with acclaimed engineer, John Lee (Laura Jean, Love Of Diagrams, Blake Scott) at Phaedra Studios Melbourne during a small pocket of freedom in February 2021.

Modern Condition is out now via Poison City Records. Tune into PBS all week for your chance to win a copy of the album. Not a PBS member? Sign up now for your chance to win.  



Baker Boy - 'Survive (feat. Uncle Jack Charles)'

Baker Boy - Survive ft. Uncle Jack Charles


Papaphilia - 'All are syllables of the great tongue'

Big Yawn - 'Sharehouse Stovetop'

Mo'Ju - 'Sometime'

Sa Pa - 'Wet Weather Way'

Cong Josie - 'Cong The Singer'

Jaala - 'All Here'

Sam Anning - 'Giant Pebble'

Riflebirds - 'Stagger Swagger'