PBS was excited to celebrate the incredible women and non-binary people in our community with a special 24 hours of broadcasting on International Women’s Day, Wednesday March 8, 2023. 

Presented by the amazing women of PBS, including regular announcers, fill in presenters and special guests, listen back to a diverse array of genres across the day and into the night.

Midnight - 2am: The day kick started with Leah Abrahams from 12am, celebrating "an all-female identifying inclusive line-up of some of the most bangin' bands in the country. Some sentimental songs that inspire and lots of fun ones" on Tyrannocoreus. Listen back here.

2am - 6am: Next up, Ponie Curtis invited you to dinner with the most delicious female and non-binary artists. From 2am, "we'll be drinking and eating scrumptious tunes into the early hours of the morning. Please see the menu below: Cocktails: techno & House, Entree: ambient & electronic, Main: disco & funk, Dessert: RnB & hip hop, Tea & Coffee: soul & jazz." Listen back here.

6am - 9am: A morning tribute to the power of all things femme, Annika took over the Brekky Spread desk from 6am onwards to play a banging mix of soul, disco, hip-hop, post-punk and indie rock. There was also chats with Angel Olsen, Body Type and Dr Britt Romstad about the new upcoming Goddess exhibition at ACMI. Listen back here.

9am - 11am: Helen Jennings presented a special IWD Roots of Rhythm with six of Melbourne’s finest musicians. Kerri Simpson, Alison Ferrier, Rebecca Barnard, Monique di Mattina, Kelly Auty & Sweet Felicia joined Helen in celebrating the music & lives of artists they most admire. Listen back here.

11am - 1pm: The Dusty Millers is a collaboration of three intimately connected voices: cherished singer-songwriter Lisa Miller, soul jazz queen Tracey Miller, and up-and-coming star Loretta Miller. The connection? Tracey is married to Lisa’s brother, Loretta is their daughter and Lisa’s niece. All three are very special singers with their own distinctive voices, and this IWD they presented two hours of extra special radio. Listen back here.

1pm - 3pm: Jazz from Spaces Within Space took us through the early arvo.  Jazz celebrated female and gender-non binary musicians and artists within the Naarm music community, playing an assortment of rock and alternative music by artists such as YL Hooi, Blonde Revolver and Hantu. Listen back here.

3pm - 5pm: As the day progressed, Lady Love Potion commanded the airwaves from 3pm. "Mining my record collection for songs that are not about boyfriends, heartache and waiting by the phone. Playing favourites across genres, starting in the 60s and 70s with women who stepped out of sweetness and blazed a trail to a world where we are never too much." Listen back here.

5pm - 8pm: After being PBS' Wednesday afternoon and evening soundtrack from 5pm - 8pm for over 2 years, Ella of Stardust and Lyndelle of The Afterglow joined forces on IWD 2023 to present - The Starglow! Complete with bangers and favourites 'LyndElla' went back to back for 3 hours of power!

Featuring an exclusive pre-recorded interview by Sarah Blaby with superstar Peaches ahead of her shows in Naarm. Also joining them in the studio was Penny Ikinger and Milo who are both performers at the Brunswick Music Festival Event "IWD2023" at the Brunswick Ballroom - which celebrated with a live music event and photo exhibition by Suzanne Phoenix Wednesday night.  Bangers, babes and Starglows galore! Listen back here and here.

8pm - 10pm: We then heard from Kristen Solury who brings us an all female lead edition of Bleeding Black Hearts Revue, featuring the best of traditional goth rock, deathrock and post punk from the 80s and 90s up til the best of the modern darkwave, synthpop, and industrial scene of now. Listen back here.

10pm - midnight: Guest host Jenny Branagan (Vacuum/Nun) with special guest Kate Reid (It Records) took over the airwaves for a special edition of Club It To DeathListen back here.

Leah Abrahams, Ponie Curtis, Annika Priest, Helen Jennings, ​​​​​The Dusty Millers, Jazz, Lady Love Potion, Lyndelle Wilkinson & Ella Stoeckli, Kristen Solury, Jenny Branagan


Huge thanks to Lyndelle (The Afterglow), Shio (Eternal Rhythm), Bridget (Synthesize Me), Miss Goldie (Boss Action), and all the incredible presenters involved for a mammoth 24 hours of special radio to celebrate International Women's Day 2023!