This week's Feature Album is the third studio album from Courtney Barnett titled Things Take Time, Take Time.

Across the ten-track record, Barnett weaves a collage of snapshots recorded at a time described by the artist as "creative renewal and deeper understanding". The work signals an exciting new chapter for a musician operating at the peak of her creative output and soldifies Barnett's place amongst the global lineage of ground-breaking and influential female singer-songwriters.

Things Take Time, Take Time is a keen departure from Barnett's previous two albums Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (2015) and Tell Me How You Really Feel (2018). Previously focusing on the minutiae and indiosyncrasies of life in all their awkward yet poignant glory, on this record Barnett zooms out and explores themes previously not touched upon such as love, patience, healing and self-discovery. Things Take Time, Take Time is a stunning, shining glimpse into Courtney 2.0 – no less droll and sharply observant, but more rhythmic, detailed, and effusive with it. This is Courtney’s world – full of the strangeness, busyness and undeniable warmth of life -  and you will definitely want to spend some time in it.

Cover images by Mia Mala McDonald.

Things Take Time, Take Time is out now via Milk! Records. Tune into PBS all week for your chance to win a copy of the album. Not a PBS member? Sign up now for your chance to win.  



Beach House - 'Once Twice Melody'

Coco Bryce - 'D.L.P.'

GODTET - 'Meditation I'

GODTET - Meditation I


SPAWN - 'Meditation in an Evil Temple'

Hana Vu - 'Gutter'

Chastity Belt - 'Fear'

Chastity Belt - Fear (Official Music Video)


Camp Cope - 'Blue'

Georgette La Mar - 'Out Of Love'

Hektor - 'Day Trader'