This week’s PBS Feature Album is 14 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West (Vol.2), the second LP from 10-piece posse The Counterfeit.

14 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West (Vol.2) showcases a track list of classic Spaghetti Western soundtrack music that has been reimagined, rearranged and carefully reorchestrated. Unlike their entirely instrumental Volume 1 LP, The Counterfeit have Freya Josephine Hollick riding in the posse for 5 tracks on the Vol.2 record, delivering a romantic backdrop for the perfect cinematic showdown.


Staying true to a lot of the typical instrumentation of the original film scores, 14 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West (Vol.2) features instruments such as the chromatic harmonica, Fender Bass VI, twangy electric guitars and jangly acoustics, with Trumpet, violin and an array of pianos and organs playing a huge role in transporting the listener to the unforgiving plains of the Wild West.

Tune in all this week to hear tracks from 14 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West (Vol.2), and PBS Members have the chance to win a copy of the album on vinyl, simply email your name and membership number to   before midnight Sunday November 26. 

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Milan Ring - 'Mangos'

Milan Ring - Mangos (Official Video)


calyx - 'M​.​G​.​E​.​P.'

The Native Cats - 'Bass Clef'

Quantic - 'Morning Light' (feat. Andreya Triana)

The Smile - 'Wall of Eyes'

L7 - 'Cooler Than Mars'

L7 "Cooler Than Mars"


Ben Frost - 'Turning the Prism'

Jaakko Eino Kalevi - 'I Forget'

Jaakko Eino Kalevi - I Forget (Official Video)


The Artificial Limb - 'The Intersect'

Carcinoid - 'Strangulation'