This week’s PBS Feature Album is Roller Coaster by Checkerboard Lounge.

Roller Coaster is the first record to feature the band's current line-up, including Zoe Frater on bass, group founder Carl Pannuzzo on vocals and drums, Shannon Bourne on guitar, and Tim Neal on Hammond Organ. 

Checkerboard Lounge continues to highlight its instrumental prowess, expanding the bands direction outward from the blues, with several tracks taking in soul, jazz, gospel, rock, and rockabilly. Roller Coaster was recorded live in the studio, with most songs arranged on the spot.

"When Checkerboard Lounge play live, no two versions of anything are played the same twice. This is a group bunch of musicians who are able to play anything, and their collective interplay, co-creativity and cohesion is absolutely electric."

Tune in all this week to hear tracks from Roller Coaster, and PBS Members have the chance to win a copy of the album on vinyl, simply email your name and membership number to   before midnight Sunday December 17. 

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Bumpy - 'Overdrawn'

The Orbweavers - 'When It Rains In Broken Hill'

Acopia - 'This Conversation Is Getting Boring'

Zöj - 'Hangman'

Ov Pain - On Evil Hour

Airto & Flora Purim - Jeito Bom de Sofrer

Session Victim - mycelium dub

Laneous - Socially and Emotionally Distant 

Clark - Medicine Doves

Hashshashin - Ghazni (Avidy​ā​)