The City of Ballarat’s live music program, Be Hear Now has been developing and supporting musicians by providing a framework to celebrate the skills and talents of our community and helping give them the tools to refine their craft. 

Now in its third year, Be Hear Now is again focusing on ‘the ones to watch’ in the Ballarat music scene, including Sami Regague, Pyrex, Confetti Western, Cassells, and Iridescence Duo. 

The program of support has focused on identifying talent, providing mentoring and training, assets and resources such as video production amongst other elements. Be Hear Now identifies talent worth watching and examines what kinds of support they need to thrive. Artists are linked with grant writers, venues, mentors and educators, striving to help the network to succeed at home and elsewhere.

The way we consume music is changing. Audiences are responding differently to music today than a decade ago, and we all interact with music completely differently from a generation ago. But regional cities such as Ballarat are still the hot spots for making, creating and performing music.

Check out the huge list of events and activities running from June 30 to July 2, and sign up for the inaugural Be Hear Now: Live Music Conference. Meet the decision makers, join into panels with representatives from all parts of the industry to answer the hard question of “where to next?” for live music.

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