This week’s PBS Feature Album is Dakar Bamako, the third studio album by Ausecuma Beats.

Dakar Bamako features a total of fourteen musicians from three cities around the world, coming together in a true cross-cultural collaboration that celebrates stories of migration, cooperation and the unifying power of music and dance as a force to bring humanity together.

The band are constantly shifting shape and sound, in search of a synthesis between West African highlife, boogie, afrobeat and funk with some more contemporary inputs from Melbourne’s flourishing soul, jazz and dance music scenes.

Tune in all this week to hear tracks from Dakar Bamako, and PBS Members have the chance to win a copy of the album on vinyl, simply email your name and membership number to  before midnight Sunday March 31. 

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Charm of Finches - 'Middle of Your Mess'

Charm of Finches - Middle Of Your Mess (Music Video)


Beans - 'Siamese Blundstone'

GROND - 'Quick Pick'

Grace Cummings - 'Ramona'

Mount Kujo - 'Change The Changes'

Claudio PRC - 'Resina'

Jeena - 'Love is Resistance'

Four Tet - 'Storm Crystals'

Storm Crystals


Acid Wash Bible - 'Sitting In The Chess Cave'

Mary Lattimore and Walt McClements - 'Rain on The Road'