This week's Feature Album is the second LP from nine-piece ensemble Ausecuma Beats titled Musso.

Ausecuma Beats are a representation of what is possible when inclusion and diversity are celebrated. Musically, each individual artist brings their own unique sound. However, when these musicians join together, they create a powerhouse full of energy, grooves and joy.

"When you mix Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Cuba and Australia, you find yourself with many cultures. We represent Africa, sure, but also we represent diversity. That is the essence of Ausecuma Beats. We want to come together, to bring all people together to share the knowledge of what we have learnt." Boubacar Gaye, Lead Vocals, Doun Doun 

Since the release of their first EP and full length self-titled LP in 2020, Ausecuma Beats have been making new friends and winning the hearts of audiences everywhere. Performing live as a nine-piece ensemble (often inviting along special guests!) Ausecuma Beats have been a stand out addition at festivals including Boogie Festival, Melbourne Music Week and Strawberry Fields.

Musso meaning 'woman' is described as the band as a dedication to those who gave them life:

"It doesn’t matter how strong we are, how tough we are, or how lucky we are in the chances we have been given. There is always someone who is worrying about us; there is no-one who can be thinking about us more than our own mother. So this album especially is dedicated to the women in our lives, and is sending respect to all women around the world." Boubacar Gaye

Musso is out now. Tune into PBS all week for your chance to win a vinyl copy of the album. Not a PBS member? Sign up now for your chance to win.  



Cate Le Bon - 'Moderation'

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A Place To Bury Strangers - 'Let's See Each Other'

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