Investigate all the goodies we have in store for December 21 as we celebrate 40 years to the day since the first ever PBS broadcast. Each program celebrates in its own way with something special, so pop these unique one-off programs in your diary and don't miss out on PBS history.

Saturday December 21

Midnight - 2am: Kene Lightfoot kicks things off with a celebration of the last 40 years of hardened metal on this very special edition of Burning Bitumen.

2am - 4am: Tony Irvine presents a truly genre busting edition of IrvineJUMP!, featuring 4 hours of music and sounds from 1979 and beyond that helped shape who Tony is today.

6am - 9am:  On 5Ft High and Rising, Myles will be joined by PBS’s longest serving roots announcers David Heard and Helen Jennings to reflect on 40 years of blues and roots on the station.

11am - 1pm: For this week's Fiesta JazzSaul will present a special 20th anniversary edition of his Venezuelan Christmas program.

1pm - 3pm: Don't miss Switched On - Emma Peel will welcome a stack of musicians to perform live to air, as well as host Brown Spirits for Studio 5 Live.

3pm - 4.30pm:  On Soulgroove 66', Vince Peach will join Pierre Baroni to dive deep into the history of soul on PBS.

4:30pm:  At 4:30pm precisely, we will replay the very first audio broadcast to ever air on PBS, originally heard at 4:30pm on December 21st, 1979. Tune in to witness this momentous occasion again with bonus historical notes and info, produced and presented by Garry Havrillay.

10pm - midnight:  DJ Ides is bringing together a collection of PBS electro DJs and presenters to join her on Electric Sunset.