Concocting a host of pre-1975 influences laced with Lonnie Liston Smith style Rhodes and Pink Floyd inspired Hammond lines, driven by moog-laden Motorik & deep funk rhythms & layered with lysergic drenched guitar, this band takes the listener on a journey from early heavy psych and krautrock through to funk flavoured downtempo cuts that transcend genres almost seamlessly. Live shows are reminiscent of the brute force and ignorance of late 60's Detroit meshed with ear-bleeding psychedelic sensibilities that leave punters elevated to a better world, one where space echo and thunderous jams are manor from god. Amen! Last year saw Browns Spirits debut LP run out of print in a heartbeat and they have a new album due out in Feb 2020, set for a European & Australian release.

On Saturday December 21 Brown Spirits play a special Switched On Studio 5 Live session as PBS celebrates 40 years on-air.