This week's feature album comes from the creative minds behind Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Zeitgeist and Tucceri. The album name JIN MU  is taken from the Chinese Zodiac and translates to the elements of metal (Jin) and wood (Mu). This is essentially the concept of the record with Tucceri playing a selection of wooden and metal flutes and Zeitgeist on drums and cymbals.
This recording offers a soothing soundscape for listeners to tap out of the technological bombardment of social media and to simply listen, reflect, ponder and imagine. JIN MU is especially poignant at a time of rising tensions in Australia about the acknowledgment and rights of the indigenous peoples and an ongoing fight for the settlement of refugees in what is essentially a nation of immigrants. 

JIN MU is out May 14. Pre-order yourself a copy now.

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Mdou Moctar - 'Afrique Victime'

Music Yared - 'Sindayo (Mikey Young's Krar Remix)'

Hiatus Kaiyote - 'Red Room'

The Pearly Shells - 'Death Rattle'

Liars - 'Sekwar'

Liars - Sekwar (Official Video)


Siphonophore - 'BMW#1'

KiTA - 'Wind Tunnel'

Sex on Toast - 'Take Your Mask Off (And Love Me Tonight)'

Claire Birchall - 'Isolation'