Stay cool in the heat of summer with the best new tunes coming from local acts and global artists alike.

You can hear these on air, of course, but here they are in case you want to listen to them at your own leisure.


Sleaford Mods - 'Nudge It ft. Amy Taylor'

Nudge It - Sleaford Mods Ft. Amy Taylor


Alex Albrecht - 'The Beaten Track w/ Oliver Paterson'

Metdog - 'did you get my email?'

Pearl Charles - 'What I Need'

4 Mars - 'Hobalayeey Nabadu! (Hello Peace​!​)'

Mogwai - 'Ritchie Sacramento'

Mogwai - Ritchie Sacramento (Official Video)


El Colosso - 'Down To The Stars'

Ai Yamamoto - 'Start of The Day'

Al Wootton - 'Baccata'

Sarah Mary Chadwick - 'Full Mood'

Sarah Mary Chadwick - 'Full Mood' Official Video