Although PBS had a logo as early as the late 70s, by 1982 the station was on the hunt for a new one. Believe it or not, it's no easy feat to find the ultimate symbolic embodiment in one striking and memorable image. After flicking through every Waves magazine from 1977-1988 we found some possible contenders in this edition of Waves Revisited...


A station in search of a logo
Waves February/March 1982


Font on subscription form (designer unknown)
Waves January 1978


Simplicity with a stencil (artist unknown)
Waves August 1979


Made in a time when you created your own font. Artist uncredited
Waves April 1980


Sage Forest adapts 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' for PBS
Waves June 1980


Artist uncredited
​​​​Waves July 1980


'Between the Ears'  the station's earliest logo by Ken Fargher on a sticker 
Waves August 1980


'Modulating your Frequencies' by Billy Greenwell 
Waves November 1980


Comic inspired logo. Artist uncredited 
Waves March/April 1982


Retro futuristic logo on the program guide by Billy Greenwell and Ken Fargher
Waves April/May 1984


Lino cut by Kim Hawker
Waves April/May 1984


Typographic logo on the program guide, artist uncredited
Waves August/September 1984


Lasso by  Stuart Mitchell or Jane Brownrigg
Waves April/May 1985


‘Cubic Designs Inc’ artwork for PBS T-shirt, windcheater and plastic bag
Waves September/October 1985


Tag line. Artist uncredited
Waves February/March 1987


Freestyle ink logo by Stephen Banham
Waves February/March 1988


Artist uncredited
Waves February/March 1988


Justified typographic logo by Stephen Banham
Waves April/May 1988


Pictorial logo by Stephen Banham
Waves April/May 1988


Mixed font logo by Stephen Banham
Waves April/May 1988


To see what actually became the logo, or to find out more on the PBS story, check out the 40 Years of PBS Radio book.


 Bronte Laffin Vines and Alan Fitzpatrick (scans)  Alicia Saye & Mara Williams.