As we celebrate surviving yet another turbulent year, we want to honour some of the exceptional feature albums that helped enliven what would otherwise be a terrifyingly stale existence. These works made 2021 feel a little less precarious and a whole lot more enriching and enjoyable.  

The ten PBS feature albums listed here are timely artistic interventions. They were chosen as features because they appeared at exactly the right moment. These works respond to the imbalances in our collective experience and capture the essence of our capacity to overcome adversity.  

And just as they are timely, they are also timeless. They bring forth the promise of continuous empowerment, and it’s because of this that they will sound fresh and exciting for generations to come. 

Whether you’ve already explored these albums or are coming across them for the first time, we certainly hope they provide you with an enjoyable listening experience.


Tamil Rogeon - Son Of Nyx

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises

Liz Stringer - First Time Really Feeling

Maple Glider - To Enjoy Is The Only Thing

The Seven Ups - The Old World

Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow

Sierra Ferrell - Long Time Coming

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - Under These Streets

Australian Art Orchestra - Hand To Earth

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Remember the Future?