This week's feature album comes from Melbourne-based violist, violinist, and orchestral composer Tamil Rogeon with his first full-length release in three years Son of Nyx.

Named after the the Greek God of satire, Momus, Son Of Nyx is a swirling six-track prism of exploratory modal jazz, afro-Latin percussion and boundless string-led composition, featuring some of the most exciting musicians working in Melbourne today. 

From The Bamboos’ keyboardist Daniel Mougerman, 30/70 vocalist Allysha Joy, to ‘’heavy’’ post-bop drummer, Danny Fischer, and co-produced by long-time Rogeon collaborator and revered DJ, keyboardist and house producer, Harvey Sutherland in his studio in Melbourne, Son Of Nyx carries the cosmic weight of some of the most essential spiritual jazz LPs of the 60s and 70s. 

First track 'House No Wheels' (continuing along the Greek mythology theme) kicks of proceedings with a glorious enchancement reminiscent of Michael White’s euphoric 'Blessing Song'.

Rogeon’s curious yet commanding viola playing anchors throughout, most evidently on the cosmically-charged album closer 'Horns No Eyes', rounding off Rogeon’s long-awaited return to his jazz roots in majestic and emphatic style. 

Son of Nyx is out now via Soul Bank Music.



The Bamboos - 'Ride On Time'

The Bamboos - Ride On Time (Official Video)


OK EG - 'Phase Transition'

Empat Lima - 'Climbing Clouds'

Gordon Koang - 'South Sudan (Andras House Remix)'

Big Yawn - 'Reflex (Sleep D Remix)'

Time for Dreams - 'New Conflict Dream'

Farewell Horizontal - 'Doesnt Matter No One Cares'

Farewell Horizontal - Doesnt Matter No One Cares


Sojua - 'The balcony'

Valentino Mora - 'Inhalation'