This week's feature album comes from multi-genre bassist and producer Horatio Luna under new alias The Psychedelic Freaks.

Passing Through The Doorways Of Your Mind is The Psychedelic Freaks debut LP and takes listeners on an introspective 70s fusion space odyssey.

Born out of Melbourne's 2020 lockdown, Horatio took inspiration from across genres. Described as an afrobeat, psychedelic jazz-funk fusion experience, Horatio credits the likes of Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, Frank Zappa, Carol Kaye and Alice Coltrane, and more in inspiring the first journey of The Psychedelic Freaks.

On the record you'll hear multitrack recording, cassette saturation, analogue and digital synthesis as we as blistering Casio electric guitar solos. How you feel from it is up to you.

Passing Through The Doorways Of Your Mind is out June 4. Pre-order yourself a copy now.

PBS members can tune in all week for a chance to win a copy of the album.




Anna Cordell - 'The Children'

Anna Cordell, The Children


Lake Minnetonka - 'Black Pegasus (feat Chantal Mitvalsky)'

Glass Beams - 'Taurus'

PS5 - 'Transe Napolitaine'

PS5 - Transe Napolitaine


Alessandro Cortini - 'CHIAROSCURO'

Jaubi - 'Raga Gurji Todi'

Jorja Smith - 'Bussdown (feat. Shaybo)'

Jorja Smith - Bussdown (feat. Shaybo)


N0V3L - 'Group Disease'

Aviva Endean & Chloe Sobek - 'A Charm Of Sages'