This week's feature album is the brand new EP from award winning producer and musician Plutonic Lab. New Ruins is a six track collection of tunes that takes in a wide range of creative and sonic influences, perfectly mirroring Plutonic Lab's diverse repertoire.

The EP features an impressive line up of guest artists including Black Milk, Oliver St. Louis, Raiza Biza and frequent Plutonic Lab collaborator Natalie Slade. The EP also features a slew of emerging hip-hop and R&B artists including Nardean, Ratu Da Cheef and Sunny Reyne, demonstrating Plutonic Lab's finger on the pulse and collaborative approach to creation.

On the EP, Plutonic Lab says:

“In the process of writing this record I proved to myself that I’m still progressing and evolving as an artist, I really got to develop the orchestrations and song craft. Each collaborator inspired diverse compositions and I think in turn “The New Ruins” became a much more nuanced and honed project. I guess good things take time and I dedicated myself to create something beautiful and worthwhile, even though the world seemed like it was falling apart.” 

New Ruins is out now via Low Key Source. Order yourself a copy here now or PBS members can tune in all week for a chance to win a digital download of the EP.



Happy Axe - 'One Morning (feat. Butternut Sweetheart)'

The Felice Brothers - 'Jazz On The Autobahn'

Angie McMahon - 'Tea, Milk & Honey (Oh Pep! Cover)'

Angie McMahon - Tea, Milk & Honey (Oh Pep! Cover)


Sampology - 'Suffer and Swim ft Allysha Joy'

Jalang - 'Cops N Klan'

Minnie Big Band - 'Blue Rondo a la Turk'

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - 'Becoming Ferromagnetic'

Zoe's Shanghai - 'Mother'

Mother by Zoe's Shanghai

Delivery - 'Floored'