Welcome to Wuigada. 

Wuigada is a dedicated space on the front page of the PBS 106.7FM website where First Nations musicians share and celebrate music made by other First Nations musicians with PBS audiences. 

Wuigada was named and developed by the highly acclaimed indigenous singer songwriter, Kutcha Edwards. Wuigada in Mutti Mutti means 'to sing'. 

For this edition of Wuigada we spoke with the inimitable Lady Lash. After growing up in Ceduna, Lady Lash now lives in Melbourne, and we caught up with her just ahead of her upcoming performance at The Melbourne Recital on 9 July at 2pm.  

We asked Lady Lash about her latest album, Spiritual Misfit, and what she is up to.

“It’s a new sound for me, a psychological and emotional sonic exploration, using synths and voice. I’m launching it at The Melbourne Recital Centre with a seven-piece band as part of a series of events called Sanctuary. I’m influenced by two ancient cultures, so I’m excited to be bringing that alive into the theatre. It’s come to a crescendo.” 

Tickets are available here. 

We also asked Lady Lash to tell us about a First Nations artist and song that has had an impact on her.

“That’s Bumpy with 'Return Home'. Her vocals are amazing. The song makes me feel like I am in a meditative state. ‘Returning home to you’ – and that’s how I feel. She is beautiful. Her work takes me to a special place where I can think, and breath and reflect easier.” 

We are so excited to feature Lady Lash and her song choices in Wuigada, and look forward to hearing more tracks like 'Black Woman In The Flames' from Spiritual Misfit.


Without further ado, here are ten of Lady Lash’s favorite songs for Wuigada. 

Bumpy - ‘Return Home’ 

Bumpy – Return Home (Official video)


Miiesha - ‘Still Dream’ 

Miiesha - Still Dream (Official Music Video)


Electric Fields - ‘Gold Energy’ 

Electric Fields - Gold Energy


GLVES - ‘Legacy’  

GLVES - LEGACY (Official Video)


Moju - ‘Sometime’ 



Allara - ‘Murnong Farm’ 

Murnong Farm


Maurial Spearin – ‘Sardine Baby’ 

Maurial Spearim: Sardine Baby Live


Madi Colville-Walker - ‘Less Than A Man’ 

Less Than A Man


Lauren Sheree - ‘Breathless’ 



Emma Donavon and The Putbacks - ‘My Goodness’ 

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - My Goodness


Listen to the Wuigada playlist in full via YouTube now.


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Artwork by Dixon Patten.