Wuigada is a dedicated space where First Nations musicians can share and celebrate music made by other First Nations musicians with PBS audiences.    

Wuigada was named and developed by the highly acclaimed indigenous singer songwriter, Kutcha Edwards. Wuigada in Mutti Mutti means 'to sing'.   

In this edition of Wuigada we hear from Maningrida in Arnhem Land, with Ripple Effect Band. While following in the tradition of saltwater rock from the top end, Ripple Effect Band forged new ground as the first women from their community to play instruments and form their own all women band. They sing in the languages of their people, Ndjébbana, Burarra, Na-kara and Kune and they have a story to tell about their land, their languages and their culture.

"We are currently working on recording an album, due for release in 2022 – hopefully by then we can plan some touring to share our music with everyone.

Our song Nabárrdja (The Little Crab) has been included in a new ABC Kids album, The Moon, The Mouse and The Frog. It is a compilation of lullabies from Northern Australia and includes fantastic artists, but we are especially excited that Noni Eather (also from Maningrida) has a song included. We wrote the song for Rona’s young son Rayshaun and his brothers, it is in their language Na-kara.

We are also working on an exciting new project with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra as we have been commissioned to compose a piece for the Darwin Festival. We will be telling a story about the Djómi water spirits who protected our community against Category 5 Cyclone Nja-marrang (Monica)."

The Ripple Effect Band have strong ties to Maningrida, so it's no surprise the Letterstick Band holds special importance.

"Letterstick Band are from Maningrida and they are connected to us through their An-barra clan and Diyama songline. This was the music we grew up to, and our inspiration. Even though they are not all still with us, we remember how they supported us when we started playing music, our fathers and uncles. We love to perform this song Yirrana (Sunset) sung in the Burarra language, it is so popular in Arnhem Land and across the NT. We have permission from the band and their families, and also through our drummer and singer, Stephanie Maxwell James who is a direct descendent of the Diyama songmen. Being the first women in our community to make a band and compose and perform our music is not always easy, but we know we have always had the support of the Letterstick Band and our community. We follow in their footsteps, as strong women who are continuing to express our culture, stories and language through music and song."

It is with great pleasure that we now share Ripple Effect Band's top picks for Wuigada.

Emily Wurramura - 'Black Smoke'

Black Smoke - Emily Wurramara


Lil Kootsie - 'Ready for Change'

Lil Kootsie - Ready For Change Part 1 (Official Music Video)


Blakbela Mujik - 'Mimi (Wajbagada)'

Mimi (Wajbagada)


Letterstick Band - 'Yirrana (Sunset)'

Yirrana (Sunset)


Barkaa - 'For My Tittas'



Black Rock Band - 'Modjarrkki'



Thelma Plum - 'Clumsy Love'

Thelma Plum - Clumsy Love (Official Video)


Yothu Yindi - 'My Kind of Life'

My Kind Of Life


Shellie Morris - 'Waliwaliyangu li-Anthawirriyarra a-kunja'

Waliwaliyangu li-Anthawirriyarra a-Kurija - Shellie Morris & the Borroloola Songwomen


Stiff Gins - 'Yandool'

Stiff Gins 'Yandool' filmclip


Jessica Mauboy - 'We Got Love'

Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love - Australia - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018


Gurrumul - 'Djarrimirri'

Gurrumul - Djarimirri (live)


Nabarlek Band - 'Munwurrk'



King Stingray - 'Hey Wanhaka'

King Stingray - Hey Wanhaka (Official Video)


Wildflower - 'Galiwin’ku'

Wildflower - Galiwin'ku


Listen to the Wuigada playlist via YouTube now.

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Artwork by Dixon Patten.