Two years on from their self-titled debut album Goat Girl is back with this week's feature album On All Fours.

Where the songs on their debut were primarily written by singer/guitarist Lottie "Clottie Cream", On All Fours sees the whole band coming together to write songs over a year-long period. While writing, the members would often switch instruments to gain greater freedom, allowing them to play with new sounds without worrying if they were playing "correctly". They developed a more experimental sound, highlighted on the record's lead single 'Sad Cowboy'.


Goat Girl - Sad Cowboy (Official Music Video)


This new record sees the band veer away from the confrontational lyricism of their debut & indicates Goat Girl’s maturing perspectives in discussing the world's injustices and social prejudices, using the music to explore global, humanitarian, environmental and mindful wellbeing. 

Throughout On All Fours, Goat Girl’s frequent use of sci-fi synthesisers, off-beat chord progressions, analogue drum machines, diverse vocal styles and distinct, gritty guitars fuse a musical language that expresses both former characteristics and newer developments of the band’s sound and vision. 

On All Fours is out now via Rough Trade and Remote Control Records.



Leon Vynehall - 'Ecce! Ego!'

YL Hooi - 'W​/​O Love'

Spiritual Mafia - 'Body'

Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters - 'Been Waiting'

Black Country, New Road - 'Science Fair'

Mavis Staples - 'One More Change' (ALA​.​NI Remix)

Hello Satellites - 'No Delivery'

June Jones - 'Home'

Nervosa - 'Perpetual Chaos'