This week's feature album comes from electronic artist Cale Sexton with his new release Sustain.

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, Sustain is a composition of computer-controlled bells and electronics, featuring the Federation Bells of Melbourne. One of Melbourne’s most exquisite art installations, The Bells have been used to produce music by various international composers over the years.

On Sustain, Sexton expands his hardware-led approach to integrate with the computer-controlled Bells sequencing interface, producing a remarkably congruent synthesis of musical technologies.

On the album, Cale says:


"Sustain evolved as a somewhat subconscious practice. Each song or part was put together with the intention that the repetition of the bells would be meditative or calming to a point that they blend in with the other elements of the music to create one big sonic picture rather than a juxtaposition."


Cale Sexton - The Smell Of Dirt


Sustain is out now via Heavy Machinery Records. PBS members can tune in all week for a chance to win a copy of the album. Not a member? Join now!




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