Getting out of the house took on a new meaning in 2020.  In this edition of Waves Revisited, we jump in our virtual time machine,  and look back at how we did it, where we went and who we saw in 80s Melbourne through the filter of the advertising in Waves magazine.


One concert only! Don Burrows
Waves, December/January 1985


Dinner and a show at a cosy cafe
Waves April/May 1986


Dance ‘til dawn at Barbarella’s 
Waves June/July 1986


A dance night, placed next to a law revue show
Waves June/July 1986 


Calling all weirdos, freaks and punks! 
Waves August/September 1986


Care for a sophisticated evening at Chasers?
Waves August/September 1986


Get all your friends together for a big night out, and book at Bass
Waves February/March 1987 


A weekend away
Waves December 1984


Reggae in Richmond
Waves June/July 1987




Movie night
Waves August/September 1987 


Catch our very own Vince Peach DJ-ing out on the town
Waves December/ January 1988 


Static Magazine replaced Waves in 1989 and also featured advertising such as this Fred Negro classic for the former home of 3PBS the POW
Static Minus 3 - July 1989


The Boite present Women’s Song
Static Minus 2 September-October 1989


The Punters Club farewells the 80s with a kickass line up
 Static Issue Minus 1 December 1989


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Credits: Bronte Laffin Vines and Alan Fitzpatrick (scans), Meg Butler (introduction) & Mara Williams.