This week's feature album III is from Australian instrumentalist and producer Godriguez - aka GODTET.

Godriguez marshalled together some of the best musicians of the new generation in Sydney: A head priest of the Cuban Ifa religion, the step-son of Australia’s greatest ever funk and soul musician, Australia's leading drummer in this new generation and a deeply emotionally gifted pianist from New Zealand. These disparate backgrounds culminate with incredibly sensitive musical and emotional connections to form GODTET.

This newest work is best described in Godriguez's own words:

"GODTET III feels like the distillation of the GODTET sound. It feels like the essence and definition of our sound... for now. Whilst the whole GODTET concept for me is about organic development and evolvement and to remain always searching, this album feels like the end of an era. Like everything is now for many people I think. Its been 3 years of very intensive playing, recording and gigging. The first record felt like an explosion of our minds meeting for the first time even though we’d all played together for years in various contexts. An explosive release from the lack of freedom in the musical contexts we’d previously been involved in." Godriguez

III is out now via La Sape Records. For each record sold the artist has pledged to plant a tree to tackle deforestation and land clearing in Australia in conjunction with Reforest NOW.

Listen to the first single off the album 'Cactus Dance' here now.

GODTET - Cactus Dance



Leafar Legov - 'Melting'


Afriqua - 'Sup'


Julia Jacklin - 'baby jesus is nobody's baby now'

julia jacklin - baby jesus is nobody's baby now (official video)


Andrea Keller - 'Life is Brut​[​if​]​al'


Hannah McKittrick - 'Time As Intimacy'


King Stingray - 'Hey Wanhaka'

King Stingray - Hey Wanhaka (Official Video)


Monica Brooks - 'Much Bigger Boxes'


Sarah Mary Chadwick - 'At Your Leisure'


USER - 'Anita Starlight'