The two week installation of A Drone Opera at Lyon Housemuseum Galleries will be accompanied by a diverse series of thought-provoking, multi-sensory and unique programs and events. Two panel discussions, titled: Surveillance Cities and Expanded Fields of View will explore our contemporary love affair with technology and the new reality of constant surveillance: how facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, and computer-aided design are changing our urban landscapes and the way we interact with one another.

On the final night of the exhibition, drummer/percussionist Nat Grant, performing on two drum kits, and noise guitarist Dave Brown will activate the space with a responsive performance.
The Lyon Housemuseum has a longstanding relationship with the artist Matthew Sleeth; founding patrons Corbett Lyon and Yueji Lyon have been collecting the work of Sleeth for more than a decade. This includes commissioned video art, large-scale installations and 3D printed sculptures.

A Drone Opera
Matthew Sleeth
Lyon Housemuseum Galleries
SATURDAY 14 March – SUNDAY 29 March 2020

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