Melbourne band Cool Out Sun make Afro roots music, peppered with hip hop goodness and a sunny disposition. The supergroup is a cross-cultural enterprise that sees vocalist N’fa Jones (1200 Techniques), percussionist Nui Moon (Digital Afrika) and drummer/producer Sensible J (REMI, Sampa The Great) teaming up to create sultry beats and poetic commentary on a variety of social issues.  

Jones is an established solo artist whose career dates back to the late-‘90s. Cool Out Sun is a refinement of his musical vision that invites contributions from various prominent musicians, such as vocalist/percussionist Lamine Sonko of the African Intelligence.  

Late last year, Cool Out Sun recorded a special session which has only recently been broadcast on MUUZOstream, Channel 31’s live music program. For our next Studio 5 presentation, we offer you the chance to hear this fabulous set in its entirety on Boogie Beat Suite.  

Tune in from 11am on July 12 while MzRizk brightens up your Tuesday morning with the ever cool and poignant music of Cool Out Sun

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