Mon 20 Jun 2022

Wuigada is a dedicated space where First Nations musicians can share and celebrate music made by other First Nations musicians with PBS audiences.       

Wuigada was named and developed by the highly acclaimed indigenous singer songwriter, Kutcha Edwards. Wuigada in Mutti Mutti means 'to sing'.   

In this edition of Wuigada we hear from The Struggling Kings. The Struggling Kings is made up of three brothers Luke, Mark and Daniel Riches hailing from One Arm Point in the Kimberley, Western Australia. Now based in Perth, they are busy making waves with their full-bodied summer rock sound being heard on stages at WA’s best music festivals.  

We asked The Struggling Kings what they’ve been doing recently:    

“We were fortunate enough to release our music documentary called 'Struggling Songlines' for NITV/SBS earlier in the year, which was about our band heading home to One Arm Point and writing a song with the community to help combat the struggles faced with mental health and suicide. We just really loved being able to do that project and we’re really happy with how it turned out, you can still check that out on SBS on Demand. Since then we’ve also been in the studio and will be releasing some new music in the coming months, so stay tuned.” 

We also asked the band to tell us about a song that has had an impact on them:   

Growing up in the Kimberley, we all loved listening to the Pigram Brothers and got to see them play out on the basketball court in One Arm Point. It left a huge impact on us and from that concert we decided that when we grew up, we wanted to either be professional basketball players or become Pigram Brothers, haha. Although we love all their music, if we had to choose one song, it’d have to be 'Going Back Home’. 


Here are fifteen of The Struggling King’s favourite songs for Wuigada in no particular order!  

Dan Sultan - 'Kimberley Calling'

Dan Sultan - Kimberley Calling


Pigram Brothers - 'Going Back Home'

Going Back Home


Flewent - 'Kya Kyana' Feat. Vanessa Hopes

Flewnt - Kya Kyana - Ft Vanessa Hopes


Baker Boy - 'Marryuna' Feat. Yirrmal

Marryuna - Baker Boy ft Yirrmal


Xavier Rudd - 'Spirit Bird'

Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird (audio HQ)


Budjerah - 'Higher'

Budjerah - Higher (Official Video)


Warumpi Band - 'My Island Home'

Warumpi Band - My Island Home 1988


Coloured Stone - 'Black Boy'

Coloured Stone - Black Boy (1984)


Troy Cassar-Daley - 'Born To Survie'

Troy Cassar-Daley - Born To Survive (Official Video)


Archie Roach - 'Charcoal Lane'

Charcoal Lane - ARCHIE ROACH


Briggs - 'The Children Came Back' Feat. Gurrumul & Dewayne Everettsmith

Briggs - The Children Came Back ft. Gurrumul & Dewayne Everettsmith (Official Video)


Yothu Yindi - 'Mainstream'

Yothu Yindi - Mainstream


King Stingray - 'Get Me Out'

King Stingray - 'Get Me Out' (live on triple j)


Gurrumul - 'Wiyathul'

Gurrumul - Wiyathul (Live 2008)


Benny Walker - 'Money and Fools'

Money and Fools



Listen to the Wuigada playlist in full via YouTube now.


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Artwork by Dixon Patten.