Tue 28 Apr 2020 to Tue 5 May 2020

In May PBS welcomes new shows to our overnight programming roster, offering fresh sounds and new voices for those who listen through the night or get up before the dawn. 

On alternate Monday mornings check out Spaces Within Space, bringing you dark, experimental and industrial textures, gritty breakbeat and drum and bass, to gentle IDM, nu-wave and ambient oddities with host, Jazz.  And every second Thursday morning Kristen Solury’s goth and darkwave show Bleeding Black Hearts Revue brings darkwave, goth rock, synthpop, EBM/industrial and post-punk from the 70s through til now from all around the world.

Next week we'll be announcing two more exciting new insomnia shows to join the PBS grid.

Visit the PBS program guide for full details and if you can’t stay up late, or get up early enough, make sure to listen back via PBS’ radio-on-demand. 

Spaces Within Spaces
Jazz - Spaces Within Spaces


Kristen from Bleeding Black Heart Revue
Kristen - Bleeding Black Hearts Revue