Wed 1 Dec 2021 to Fri 31 Dec 2021

This month on PBS we welcome two new programs to the PBS roster.  Both replace long-running shows on our station, but both will continue to brilliantly serve important areas of our musical community.


Earlier this year PBS tragically lost our longest serving volunteer broadcaster David Heard. Heardy’s show Acid Country has been a champion for alt-country, roots and Americana music for four decades and his commitment to local musicians was unwavering.  Over the last few months we’ve been honouring David’s legacy and contribution on-air, and it’s been incredible to hear so many heartfelt tributes from fellow PBS broadcasters and also from so many of the musicians and artists that Heardy supported through his weekly show.

From December 9, tune in at 3pm every Thursday to hear Ernie present the best of country, alt-country and roots on Swinging Doors.  Over the last couple of years Ernie has regularly filled in on PBS shows, and is an active part of Melbourne’s thriving alt-country music scene. Of course nobody can ever replace David Heard and Acid Country, but Swinging Doors will continue to provide a space for local musicians to play live and to chat about their new releases and gigs.


On Monday evenings between 7 and 8pm you can expect to hear some incredible left-field sounds from India, the sub-continent and South Asia as Pradip Sarkar presents Tiger Beats Elephant Grooves. A longtime PBS announcer, Pradip’s new show draws from the hybrid sounds of the Asian underground – from hip-hop to DIY techno-folk and everything in between.


For more information check out the program pages on the PBS website.