Tune in for State of the Art on The Breakfast Spread this Wednesday April 3 when writer and comedian Kit Richards chats about her upcoming comedy festival show, Wool! A History of Australia's Wool Industry: The Musical.

Australian history books are filled with tales of John Macarthur, his face was even on a coin, but what about Elizabeth, his forgotten and taken-for-granted wife who actually did all of the work? 

Wool! A History of Australia's Wool Industry: The Musical is the story of the Macarthurs and how together they created one of the most successful wool industries in the world. Sheep have dotted the Australian cultural landscape since ​Click Go The Shears, ​Shearing the Rams and the jumbuck in ​Waltzing Matilda, now Wool! offers a brand new, feminist take on a male-dominated history.   

“Men wrote our history. Now it’s time for women to re-write it.”- Kit Richards 

Showing from Monday 1st to 11th April at The Butterfly Club. Click here more information and tickets.