The fifth coming of the annual 12 hour music+arts Open Borders fest is the largest yet. Including Open Borders special resident bands The Slingers and Majak Door as well as some of Melbourne’s most exciting DJ talent, Interstellar Fugitives plus PBS' own DJ Manchild, Adriana and Milo Eastwood.

100% of all ticket proceeds, artwork sales and $1 per drink goes directly to the ASRC to help them close offshore detention centres and end the abuse. Since 2015 Open Borders have raised $30k for the ASRC and at Open Borders 5.0 we’re gonna turn that into 40k!

Current line-up and more acts to come:
DJ Manchild
Interstellar Fugitives
Milo Eastwood
The Slingers
Kitschen Boy
Majak Door
Giuseppe Cox
Christian Hendy
Cal Parton
Mistral Men

The Australian government is currently responsible for the detention of over 400 asylum seekers and refugees in offshore detention centres, and have been directly involved in the holding of thousands more over the last six years.

100% of OB money will go directly into the ASRC funding in the following areas:

- The ASRC Human Rights Law Program to help people at all stages of refugee determination.
- The ASRC detention Advocacy program to work with people in onshore and offshore detention centres.
- The ASRC Health Centre in promoting health lifestyles and preventing illness for people seeking asylum.

100% of all artwork funds will go directly to the ASRC – check out this year’s OB artists:
Chris de Hoog Artist
Nic Ojae
Sean McDowell
Sharon Monagle Art
Jess Keyhoe
Finn Astle
Amy Kim
Ali McCann
James McLean


Vision by Georgina Finehart