Acclaimed Podcast Producer, Honor Eastly, creator of Being Honest With My Ex, joins Beth and Nick to talk about her latest podcast, Starving Artist.

Starving Artist is a podcast about art, money and how artists make it work. The first season launches on March 31st and features interviews with some of Australia’s most incisive young artists including Frances Cannon, Becky Sui Zhen, Abbey Rich, Wendy Syfret (i-D / VICE)
and Steve Roggenbuck.

Anticipation for the launch of Starving Artist is high with tickets to the launch event selling out within 90 minutes. In an unprecedented development, the podcast has also been granted a sponsorship deal ahead of launch from a major global brand.

Unlike many projects of the same ilk, the series deliberately seeks to focus on artists who are finding success through uncharted means; be it making a living through Instagram, touring the world with the support of a Patreon following, or starting a board game company off a string of instant Kickstarter successes. With this focus, the series offers artists a wider definition of success, and a plethora of different ideas about how to achieve it.

Born out of Eastly’s own frustrations with the fact that her fine art degree failed to prepare her for the unglamorous but very real problem of making money, she set out to find her own answer, and in the process uncovered an underground trove of untapped wisdom. The show seeks to be the financial education that many practicing artists miss out on in art school: from Financial Literacy 101, how to negotiate a raise, or to how to get out of your private freelancer tax shame.

“My work is always about trying to create the resources that I wish that I had access to in the world. The show is basically an excuse for me to ask successful artists really nosy questions about their financial situation, and record the conversation.” - Honor Eastly

Listen in at 8:30am to The Breakfast Spread to hear all about it!