Tune in for State of The Art when Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin join The Breakfast Spread to talk about their latest production, Generation Jeans.

Belarus Free Theatre is a theatre company in exile. Founders Kaliada and Khalezin, are 'enemies of the state' in Belarus. Receiving asylum in the UK, they continue to create theatre and art around the world.

Known for their clandestine underground theatre productions, The Belarus Free Theatre Company arrive in Melbourne for their most daring performance yet. Accompanied by a DJ with a heavy bass line, journalist and playwright Khalezin declaims a counter culture ode that is a semi-autobiographical account of a freedom fighter and the beginning of the “Jeans Revolution."

Khalezin gives a candid account of his own experience of incarceration and young love, illustrating how denim became a symbol of freedom under repression. With a soundtrack by DJ Laurel, Generation Jeans is a vivid insight into modern life in Europe’s last dictatorship.

Running from Thursday 9th to Saturday 18th August at the Malthouse Theatre.

Tickets available now from the Malthouse website.

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