This was an interesting one. How to fit 70 odd people in a tiny studio?

The answer is, you can’t.

So what to do?

Make a new studio!

Fortunately at PBS we have a large office space, and as the session was booked for a Sunday morning, we could use that space.

But this means moving the microphones, stands and leads. And the foldback monitors. And the piano.

Oh well, it must be done!

Vocalists were arranged in tiers, using the benches we have, the piano was moved up against a wall, featured lead vocalists were set up with their own microphone and foldback monitor.

Communication between the control room, the on air studio and the musicians was established!

A very short time later, we are live to air.

And what a magnificent sound they made.

Who knew that the PBS office would make such a great acoustic space for the human voice?

A great way to start a Sunday, the only downside being Program Manager, Owen McKern, and I both having sore backs for a while.

Don’t try this at home kids, get a professional to move your piano!