Don't miss State of the Art on The Breakfast Spread this Wednesday from 8.30am when Annika speaks with Circus Oz Artistic Director, Rob Tannion, about their premiere performance of Precarious.

The show marks Circus Oz's 40th year and sees the company return to Melbourne for the performance at the Circus Oz Big Top nestled within the trees of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Inspired by the garden surrounds, Precarious is a 70-minute non-stop spectacle of acrobatic mayhem for audiences of all ages. The Circus Oz ensemble will unearth innovative circus acts to create an exciting three-dimensional world that examines the fragility that exists between humanity and nature.

Circus Oz Artistic Director, Rob Tannion, joins forces with independent director, Kate Fryer, to craft Precarious and create the mayhem that is the ministry of nature – an absurd lo-fi bureaucracy filled with phenomenal acrobatics, spectacular aerials, live music and physical comedy.

The Precarious Co-Directors explain, “We are in precarious times environmentally. How much more can our ecosystem take? Are we approaching the tipping point? Can humanity restore the natural balance before it is too late?"

Precarious runs from June 26 to July 15, tickets on sale now via the ticketek website.