Child is the lovechild of 3 men, who describe themselves as "Loud and quiet. Not metal. Long hair. Cowboy boots. Blues. Kinda.”

Their sound combines the heavy emotion of the blues, the tone and raw power of hard rock, the finesse of soul and a twist of 60s psychedelia. Recording their self-titled debut album with Paul Maybury at A Secret Location Studios in Thornbury and launching it in 2014 helped them garner some serious attention within Melbourne’s live heavy scene. At the same time, they came into PBS to record a fabulous session in Studio 5.  

Too heavy for traditional electric blues and too soulful for stoner rock, Child hit the sweet spot for Pojama People announcer Chris Pearson. An avid follower of the band since their inception, Chris is delighted to revisit their Studio 5 Live session on his show. Tune in to Pojama People from 10pm on Wednesday June 30 to hear the set in its entirety.

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