State of the Art returns to the morning airwaves this Wednesday Feb 27 with Annika & Milo chatting to the guitarist and composer of [CENSORED].

Deep in the vaults of the Australian National Archives, are thousands upon thousands of celluloid scraps - these were the scenes that had been cut by the Australian government from films imported into the country 1958-1971.

When Sari Braithwaite gained unprecedented access to this mysterious collection, she thought she could create a work to liberate this censored archive.

But, after years of bearing witness to these fragments of film, this archive became challenging, unnerving.

[CENSORED] is a work stitched entirely from these never-before-seen artefacts of censorship: it is the story of how one filmmaker confronted an archive to reckon with film, censorship, and the power of the gaze.

The special live screaming of the film will be accompanied by a 7-piece performance by The End. Taking place at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) this Saturday March 2.

Check out the trailer below and tune in to The Breakfast Spread Wednesday morning to catch the interview.[CENSORED].png